Missing! *Complete*

A girl named Abbigail, known as Abbie, was just 15 when she was kidnapped. She is now 17 and living with people she still doesnt know. She was sitting on her bed when she heard strange noises coming from downstairs. She's happy to fing her bedroom door open so, being her adventureous self, she tip toes downstairs to find her kidnappers are NOT who she expected. Will she make an appearance to her kidnappers and finally leave or will she end up locked away again?

Read to find out in Missing!


22. Truth

Zayn POV

"Yes, thats what I meant...." By what I could tell, abbey was shocked,confused,sad,and angry...."Zayn?" she asked. "Yes?" "I want to ask you something and you promise to tell me the truth ok?" I nodded. "Are you my long lost brother my mum never told me about?" I could see she was scared in her eyes. I have kept this secret from her for long enough. I need to tell her the truth behind this all.

Abbey POV

"Are you my long lost brother my mum never told me about?" Zayn was looking me in the eyes. I was scared. I was thinking about what he might say. You're such a jerk! Of course im not your brother. Of course I am. Got a problem? Yes I am. Im really sorry I havent told you about it yet, do you forgive me? "Yes I am abbey. Please dont be mad at me for keeping it a secret from you but please.....Im sorry." His voice got quieter and quieter. I smiled. "Its ok Zayn. Im not mad at you at all. Im just mad at Mum for not telling me whether I had a brother or not." I hugged him tight. "I love you Zayn..." He kissed me on my forehead. "I love you too Abbs...." I stayed in his arms for the whole journey in the plane.


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