Missing! *Complete*

A girl named Abbigail, known as Abbie, was just 15 when she was kidnapped. She is now 17 and living with people she still doesnt know. She was sitting on her bed when she heard strange noises coming from downstairs. She's happy to fing her bedroom door open so, being her adventureous self, she tip toes downstairs to find her kidnappers are NOT who she expected. Will she make an appearance to her kidnappers and finally leave or will she end up locked away again?

Read to find out in Missing!


28. The meeting

Liams POV

Today Im meeting up with my lovely girlfriend, Serena. I love her so much and I dont know what Id do without her. I was texting her this morning about meeting up with her today. I heard she was here, in australia, with the others on a vacation.

From: Serena x

Hi baby! Im just leaving my hotel room now. Whats your hotel called and your room number? The others are coming too to see Louis and Zayn.

Serena x

I texted her back.

To: Serena x

Im leaving my hotel room now, and so are the others. Im going to be in the lobby of '5* cosy hotel'. See ya soon! xxx

Liam xx

We all wandered down to the lobby including Lillie and Abbey. We checked out of the hotel and we were just about to leave when I saw Serena walking towards me, along with Nadia and Jesica.

Harry POV

I was walking hand in hand with Abbey until I suddenly saw her. I thought I told her we are JUST friends. I cant tell Abbey and she cant know about my past. My past is my past. I dont want her upset right now. But abbey noticed I wasnt myself. "Harry darling, whats the matter?" She asked wrapping her arms around me. "N-Nothing abbey, Just nothing." I kissed her on the forehead and looked at Melonie with a death glare.

Abbey POV

I could tell harry wasnt his usual self. "Harry darling, whats the matter?" I asked wrapping my arms around him. "N-Nothing abbey, just nothing..." He replied. I suddenly saw Nadia, Jesica and Sereana walking towards us....Wait, and they've got someone new with them,... I smiled and waved to the ones I knew. I walked up to them, letting go of harry, and gave them each a hug. "Hi guys! Its been so long since I last saw you.... My name is Abbey by the way." The new girl nodded. "Im Melonie,...." She had a smirk on her face and I turned to look at what she was looking at. Harry. She was looking at Harry.

I turned and went back up to Harry and hugged him tight. Theres something about this new girl, Melonie I dont like. Harry kissed my forehead but she didnt look to happy when Harry kissed me. Nadia,Jesica, and Serena all joined Liam, Zayn and Louis. While Melonie just recieved hugs from us all. Harry didnt hug her though. I pulled harry away for a few minutes and asked him whats the matter. "Harry, do you know Melonie or something?" I asked, whispering for obvious reasons. He shook his head and then sighed.

"I went out with Melonie with for 3 years. But I broke up with her 4 months before I met you." He said. I nodded. "Then why do you look so angry whenever you're near her?" I asked, again whispering. "Because she did something that I could NEVER forgive her for." "What was it?" Harry just looked even more upset. A tear fell out of harrys eye and he shook his head. "It doesnt matter. I dont want to talk about her again." I nodded to his response and he kissed me on the lips and we joined back with the others.

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