Missing! *Complete*

A girl named Abbigail, known as Abbie, was just 15 when she was kidnapped. She is now 17 and living with people she still doesnt know. She was sitting on her bed when she heard strange noises coming from downstairs. She's happy to fing her bedroom door open so, being her adventureous self, she tip toes downstairs to find her kidnappers are NOT who she expected. Will she make an appearance to her kidnappers and finally leave or will she end up locked away again?

Read to find out in Missing!


18. Not me aswell

Abbey POV

So, now Im sick just like Lillie and im getting really bad stomach and back pains.

*Knock knock*

I pretend to be asleep but make an attempt to keep one eye open. Its Harry. "Hello love... I know your asleep or pretending but I wish you were better...." I move about and sit up just like I was asleep. "Hi Harry...." I say rubbing my eyes. I look straight at Harry who is looking right at me too. I sigh and say.... "Harry, I need to tell you something." He just laughs and replies "Like what? Its not like your pregnant like Lillie or something!" His fits of laughter didnt reach me. I wasnt laughing because it was true. I found out when I became ill just 3 days ago. Harry stopped laughing and realised it was true. "Oh.... You are. Sorry Honey." I shook my head. "No! Dont be sorry. You didnt know and now you do."

Harry POV

So what? Like shes going to be pregnant with my child! But on the other hand she could be though as Lillie is with Nialls. "Its ok, whether its mine or not, Im gonig to help you through this right until the end." She smiled and kissed me on the lips. "Thanks Harry....."Abbey left and I just sat there thinking, Both girls are pregnant by us. I might want to tell zayn.

Zayn POV

I was playing a game of footy with Louis on the playstation when harry came down and into the livingroom. "Whats up mate?" I asked. He seemed really concerned. "Um yeah, no. I need to tell you something.......Abbey is pregnant." I felt puzzled and confused. "By who?" Harry had an expression all over his face that said....'dont be mad it was me' kind of look. "Me, Pleeaase dont be mad???" He turned to go towards the front door but I didnt move a muscle.

"Congratulations mate....." Was all I said before I went back to my game with Louis. Harry left and me and louis continued our game."So, Harry got Abbs pregnant then...." Louis said. I just nodded.

Lillie POV

I was discussing and talking with abbey and stuff in her room. Turns out shes pregnant too by Harry. Soon, there was nothing to talk about and the room filled with silence. "What are we gonna do now?" I asked. "We could have a 'girly night' thing if you want?" That was a great idea! "Great Idea Abbs!! I love it!" So, we spent the rest of the day planning what we're going to do for our 'Girly night.'


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