Missing! *Complete*

A girl named Abbigail, known as Abbie, was just 15 when she was kidnapped. She is now 17 and living with people she still doesnt know. She was sitting on her bed when she heard strange noises coming from downstairs. She's happy to fing her bedroom door open so, being her adventureous self, she tip toes downstairs to find her kidnappers are NOT who she expected. Will she make an appearance to her kidnappers and finally leave or will she end up locked away again?

Read to find out in Missing!


25. Chapter 23

Abbey POV

We finally arrived and the plane landed. I feel weird and knowing that Zayn is my brother, and just like any other sister, I love my brother so much. I walked closely with Zayn and his band mates and Lillie to the baggage queue to pick up our luggage. When we got our luggage, we turned our backs and millions of screaming fans were everywhere! My goodness! I havent seen this many in ages. I used to be abit of a fan myself, but not as big as Lillie was. So, Im now 3 weeks pregnant and Lillie is 4. We work together and help each other get through it day by day.

Lillie POV

We've just landed on the ground and I dont feel so good. I havent been feeling too well lately, so that doesnt help. Im 4 weeks pregnant and its going well, I get my first check up at 7 weeks. Me and Abbey have been going through the morning sicknesses and the cravings together aswell and Harry and Niall being there for both of us. The others do help too. "Oh Crap! I thought all the fans wouldnt find us here! I sent a tweet saying I was in america, not Here!" Calls zayn over all the screaming fans. We head into the tour bus waiting for us and off we went. It took about 3 hours to get to the hotel we were going to stay in. I'd fallen asleep next to niall so I was suddenly woken up by a kiss on the lips. "Wakey wakey sunshine!" It was Niall. I always love it when he calls me that. 'Sunshine' sounds so ROMANTIC and CUTE.

Niall POV

Lillie had fallen asleep on me when we were going to our hotel. So I woke her up by a kiss on her lips. "Wakey wakey sunshine!" I say. Her beautiful eyes flutter open and then they quint at the light. I help her get up and she struggles to stand up for a few minutes. "Oh,....." We walk hand in hand in through the back doors. We were instructed that millions of fans were waiting out front for us. Ha! Beat that suckers! (LOL) Me and Lillie shared a room whilst Harry and Abbey had a room and Liam,Zayn and Louis all shared a room. But there room was much bigger and had 3 double beds in it. Lucky! But Ive got Lillie. Thats enough.

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