I Remember, but do YOU

"He'll remember, he promised"
she whispered.
The last thing she saw was his hand
waving, as their friendship bracelet jingled on his wrist.


1. Prologue


"Don't forget me when you're famous."

"Why do you think i'll be famous?"

"Honey with your voice, you'll have

millions of girls wanting you."

He laughs

She laughs

"I love you, and i want you to know that you will win and i will be there for you if you win or not."

"I love you too sis, and i promise i wont forget."

"Pinky promise?"

"Yes, pinky promise."

The last hug

"I wont forget."

His last words

The last time she saw his face

He'll remember, he promised

she whispered

The last thing she saw was his hand waving

as their friendship bracelet jingled.




hi............this is the prologue and ill update chapter one when i get back from school


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