Ropes and Knives for Lyf!

When Alex attempts suicide, it doesn't just affect her, but it affects everyone around her.
How and why is an important facet.


4. Chapter 4

Liv's POV

I walk through the doors of room '202' and Alex still hasn't moved. I walk over to the power point and plug my stereo in. I press play and our favourite song comes on~ 'Diamonds aren't forever' by 'Bring me the Horizon'. 

I sit on the edge of the bed and rest my hand on hers. A  few tears escape my eyes.

Suddenly, all the  monitors in Alex's room start beeping and she starts to vigorously bounce up and down.

Nurses and doctors come rushing and I am escorted out of the room.  

I sit in the waiting room outside room '202' for at least 4 hours. I just sit there, complete numb and lifeless. Everything feel even more empty. 

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