Ropes and Knives for Lyf!

When Alex attempts suicide, it doesn't just affect her, but it affects everyone around her.
How and why is an important facet.


1. Chapter 1

Alex’s POV

I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. I can’t take this anymore. I cry out in despair as I click ‘record’. “I-I-I’m so sorry! I’m just sick of being sad, all the time. No one even notices anymore. Mum, thanks for NEVER being there anymore. Dad, I can’t live with knowing what you did, what you’re doing! Jesse, I am so sorry! Make sure you always follow your dreams and never give up! I love you so much! Liv, I hope you have a wonderful life! I’ll always protect and love you. Best friends forever!”, I say as tears flood down my face.

I grab the knife off my desk and take it in my hands. I slit a deep cut in my wrist and blood flows out of my arm, “You did this to me!” I yell into the camera, “Goodbye everyone.” I step up on the chair and wrap the rope around my neck. One, two, three… I step off the chair and I know it’s over. Life is finally over!

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