Loving the devil

Skyler is 18 and hasnt really seen everything in her life but her own family problems.
One day she meets a man who is 22 , a supernatural devil and changes her life in a blink.
Will she accept his nature or will she leave him and forget there ever was a thing between them...


11. Vladmir johnson...


Skyler sat waiting for this GUEST her father said was coming, and asked skyler that he was practicly coming for her.

Sighing skyler went back to the kitchen to speak to jessica. She was cooking something delicious.

"hey what are you cooking?" asked skyler, curiously.

"fungi pasta"said jessica happily with a slight smile on her face.

*ding dong* randg the bell and skyker ran upstairs to her bedroom and peeked from the door to look at who this mystry guy was.

Smith steve's butler went to open the door and the guest entered with white roses in his hands and when skyker looked at his eyes and face she just..... Lost it, he looked familiar....

SHIT!! Thought skyler running back to her bed and dialong rose's number....

"hello?.... Sky!!??"

"hey guess what?" 

"what?!" asked rose.

"i have a guest and he is the mystry guy i told you about today in class! Do you have any idea what this means! I dont think its a coincidence!" said skyler, nerviously

"OMG!!  What now?" asked rose.

"rose! Sorry i gotta go i think dad is calling me!" said skyker

"oh... Bye! Good luck!" said ros eand they both hung up.

Skyler went downstairs to the dinning room and took in the guest's profile.

Jet black nice and spicky hair, diamond coloured eyes, a square jaw a well built body.

"sky there you are... Come here" said steve holding out his hand.

Taking a deep breath skyler took her fathers hand and steped forward for the stranger to have a closer look.

"Skyler.." said skyler holding her hand out for a hand shake.

"Silas... Silas michealson.". Said silas shaking skylers hand and sending her shivers all up her arms.

"its nice meeting you." said skyler honestly.

" The pleasures all mine!" said silas with an arrogant smile.

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