Loving the devil

Skyler is 18 and hasnt really seen everything in her life but her own family problems.
One day she meets a man who is 22 , a supernatural devil and changes her life in a blink.
Will she accept his nature or will she leave him and forget there ever was a thing between them...


12. It was nice meeting you!

 Authors note: i have changed silas michealson's name to vladmir johnson and the fact that skyler lives in mystic falls, from now on she wil live in england, i have a problem and it wont let me edit so i thought this way was better! Thanx for reading!!! :*


 Skyler's POV,

 Oh my god he just said the pleasure was all his! I cant believe men this generation.

 I smiled back at him, telling him that it is. I let go of dads hand and he took hold of it immediatly and gave me a kiss on the back of my palm and sent shivers and goosebumps all over my hand.

I started to blush because no one has ever greeted me with such curtesy! Taking my hand back from him i nodded my head back to the couches.

" please take a seat, i would like to talk to you some more." i said and sat down with silas while my father excused himself and answered his call.

"so where are you really from?" i asked since i was curious and it looked like he knew more than anyone over a 100 years old.

" im orignally from england."  said vladmir with a smile but his eyes held a secret.

"how old are you?" i asked out of curiousity.

"im 22..." vlamir replied without blinking and he was saying the truh and i knew it.

"well im 18!" i told him for comfort.

"well thats good to hear that your no young enough that i would think im taking advantage of you if i ask you out. Im just joking!" said vladmir laughing, he had an accen. Behind his fluent english but i couldnt find out.


(im so so so sorry for writing a short chapter , its because my laptop is stucking... ) 

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