Loving the devil

Skyler is 18 and hasnt really seen everything in her life but her own family problems.
One day she meets a man who is 22 , a supernatural devil and changes her life in a blink.
Will she accept his nature or will she leave him and forget there ever was a thing between them...


2. Daddy


"Why are you even picking up his calls, Zander?" Asked Skyler.

 Bbecause I want him to call us back rather than supporting us with money!" Said Alexander.

"Your the one one who brought me here in the first place, Zander. Whats ur problem? Why cant you just ignore dad?" Asked Skyker.

 "Would you be able to ignore dad?" Asked Alexander, answering Skyler with his own question.

 "Zander.... If you want to leave im okay with that... You know that dont you?" Asked Skyler.

 "Dont you get it, Sky.... The only reason im answering dad's calls is because I want you to go back home! I don't want my only sister living like poor under my roof!" Answered Alexander, honestly at last.



At 3:00 the phone rang while Skyler was watching Star Wars with Alexander.

 "I'll pick it up!" Said Skyler jumping off the couch, out of the Tv room to the living room and answered who ever it was.

"Hello?" Said Skyler.

 "Skyler, honey? Is that you?" Asked Steve Walter, Skyler's father.

"Daddy?..... Why are you calling here?!" Said Skyler, pissed off that he still would'nt stop calling. It had been two years since she had heard from him.

 "Honey, 5:00 in the evening my personal driver is going to come pick you up, so be ready till then and please do not argue or over think about this subject and pack all of your things..." Said Steve and hung up.

 What! He just hung up on me!, thought Skyler to herself.

 Going back to the Tv room Skyler stood infront of the couch glaring at her brother Alexander.

 "What?" Asked Alexander. 

 "Pretty much nothing, because dad just called and "not asked" but told me to get ready and pack my stuff before his PERSONAL driver comes to pick me up! Dont pretend you didnt know that!" Said Skyler.

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