Tired of feeling alone

Lilliana is a 19 year old girl who is abused and confused and has trouble dealing with her fathers tragic death. Lilli's Mother is a psychotic woman who believes her daughter is a 'sinful devil' who needs to be punished. Mrs. Donatelli (her mother) became psychotic after the fathers death. Lilli has a hard life but she doesn't want to run. Lilli's mother has a psychiatrist but Lilli has a special therapist who deals with suicidal patients. Will Lilli finally break? (Harry Styles Fanfic:)


1. The life lived _ch.1

"Lillian, how is everything for you?" Lilli glanced at the doorway seeing her mother shooting daggers at her with her intense glare. "Everything seems to be clicking Doctor White." She lied through her teeth. "Good Lilli glad to hear that, and like I've said before call me Brent." Doctor Brent gave Lilli a tight smile before raising his perfect brow upward an in attempt to make Lilli reply. "Brent." She repeated bluntly while standing in unison with Dr.White or Brent. Dr.White is a psychiatrist whom was assigned to the Donatelli's (Lilli and her mother) by Dr.Salvatore a therapist recommended to Lilli due to her suicidal problems. Lilli's father passed away 5-6 years ago in a plane crash causing Lilli's Mother Mrs. Donatelli to basically go insanely religious in her own way because according to Lilli... Insane is an understatement.


Lilli's POV

I stood up at the same time as Dr.White. Mother's psychiatrist, I know it seems strange to say 'Mom' in such a systematic way but that is just how I was raised. Mother and I have lived in England all my life though we are not British. I was born in Italy undifferentiated to the rest of the family on my mother's side. I do not have a British accent as my father did. I speak american English just use the same words as we do here in England. Mother did not want me to speak with a British accent so every summer instead of being with people I would get sent to America to get associated. I may have a light Italian accent at times.My father was British which is why we lived here. My great great grandfather was once king and when he passed he left his affluence to my grandfather (his son's son) instead of his son due to his disrespect towards him. My grandfather gave the remains of the estate to my father. Since my father loved me so much and he was the best man alive (according to me) he saved his portion expecting a boy, since he had a change of plans he stuck with me and gave me the money when he unfortunately passed. See its a tradition for his family to only have one child. When my father passed away I was in extreme depression I am a suicidal patient. I know people may believe that I should be happy since I have Money and the biggest Mansion in England but no, I am not. The thought of my Father and my life with my psychotic mother made me tear up. I now noticed my mother standing in front of me with an angry look on her face, her nose nearly touching mine. I flinched back from her. 

"You belong with the devil due to your-your horrid sins!" she bellowed before slapping me across the face. I tried to reason with her, 

"Mother please," I cut short when I saw her grab the glass lamp in the corner of the therapy room. I knew i was going to die so the I relaxed trying to have a calm death. I had written my will and decided to bury my fortune with me and leave my mother the house since I knew no one. I laid on the wine colored velvety rug and looked at the burgundy walls as I felt pressure on my scalp and the wreck of glass mixed in with blood descending from my hazelnut brown sinuous locks of hair. Goodbye world.


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