Adopted by .... One Direction ?!?!?!


Madelyne Summers is a 14 year old girl who is an orphan along with her 12 year old sister Mackenzie Summers. Their mom died of breast cancer and their died because of liver cancer. They've been in Wendy's wonderful kids orphange for 4 months now, but little did they know that they were going to be adopted by the 1d boys.......


21. On Stage

Maddie P.O.V. 

Kenzie and I run on stage. I'm  shaking. I'm literally terrified. 

"Hello Vancouver !!!! How you all doing! " shouted Kenzie. The crowd shouted and cheered 

" Well, I'm Maddie and this is my sister Kenzie. As Luke said, we'll be performing 3 songs. the first song we're going to sing is Rumour has it by Adele. This is our first time performing with an huge audience, so we hope you enjoy it!! " I said into the mic

(A/N : This is the cover : )


I started strumming......


Kenzie sings :


She, she ain't real
She ain't gon' be able to love you like I will, yeah
She is a stranger
You and I have history or don't you remember?
Sure, she's got it all but baby is that really what you want?

Bless your soul, you got your head in the clouds
She made a fool out of you and, boy, she's bringing you down
She made your heart melt but you're cold to the core
Now rumor has it, she ain't got your love anymore

I sing : 

Rumor has it 

Rumor has it, yeah 


Harmonzie :

Rumor has it 

Rumor has, yeah

Rumor has it 

Ooooooohh rumour has it 


I sing:

She is half your age
But I'm guessing that's the reason that you've stayed
I heard you been missing me
Telling people things you shouldn't be
Like when we creep out, she ain't around
Haven't you heard the rumours?


Bless your soul, you've got your head in the cloud 

You made a fool out of me and boy, you're bring me down

Made my heart melt, but I'm cold to the core

But rumour has it I'm the one you're leaving her for

Harmonzie :

Rumor has it (5x)

Oooooooh rumor has it

Rumor (x4)

Oooooooooooohh rumor has it

We finish and the crowd went wild


After our performance ( I really didn't wanna type out 3 songs )

The boys gave us a quick hugs and lots of compliments  before going on stage.

Then the girls came and gave us huge hugs 

" You were amazing " Mum and Perrie

" You guys go change into some P.J. and we'll chill backstage "


We got changed and chatted and I started to drift asleep ....


A/N : I'm really sorry for not updating......... I'm really tired and it's 10:24 pm ( not a school night either) I'm gonna sleep..... Sorry for a boring chapter .......... I'm update asap.....


Question of the day : How's school been for all you ? Mine has tiring and stressful...... I don't have free time to do my own stuff :(

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