Adopted by .... One Direction ?!?!?!


Madelyne Summers is a 14 year old girl who is an orphan along with her 12 year old sister Mackenzie Summers. Their mom died of breast cancer and their died because of liver cancer. They've been in Wendy's wonderful kids orphange for 4 months now, but little did they know that they were going to be adopted by the 1d boys.......


9. Chapter 6 : Into/falling In love with the girls ?!?!?!

Harry's P.O.V.

Just after I walk out of the toilet ( british term; they don't say restrooms or bathroom), I see Louis, Zayn and their girlfriends walk onto the stage. I see 2 beautiful girls. Both are fit (hot) and tall, about 5ft or so,with long luscious hair. And not to mention, those legs! Looks like heaven. One girl has blackish brown hair that goes up to her boobs. She's has a cute face. Sparkling brown eyes. Rosy red cheeks. Soft, clear skin. The other girl, I think her sister, has long black hair. Damn..... she's H-O-T !!


Niall's P.O.V.

Just hang with Josh, our drummer, when I see a group of people coming towards the stage... Oh it's Louis and Eleanor, Zayn and Perrie.... and 2 other girls..... Are they fans? They're both indeed are very pretty. But the girl with blackish brown hair stands out the most. Chocolate brown eyes that immediately hypnotize you when you look into her eyes. Her delicate soft skin. Her cute button nose. Her winning smile. Absolutely flawless. This might be cheesy but she light up my world like nobody else. love at first sight.


Maddie's P.O.V.

We're all walking to the stage and I see Liam, Niall and Harry coming towards us. OMG !! It's Nialler!!! I have a soft spot for Niall.

"Hi guys, who are these pretty ladies?" Harry said with a smirk. I looked down and blushed. No one has called me "pretty" before. I'm very insecure about myself. I mean, I'm not even pretty at all.

"Boys, this Madelyne, El and I's adopted daughter ...." I heard Louis say

"And this is Mackenzie, Perrie's adopted daughter" Zayn finished off

"Hi!" We squeaked

"Welcome to the family girls!" Liam said and hugged us.

"Thanks Liam" I said

For one time, I actually felt like I belong here


A/N : Sorry for not posting yesterday night and earlier today ! Yesterday I was in Chilliwack at a waterpack. in B.C. It was a 3 hour drive from Vancouver to Chilliwack. And today I had to wake up at 7:30 because pest control was coming  today and coming back trrm. My fam and I couldn't be in the house and the Wi-fi was turned off. Sorry about that.... Trrm, I may update late cuz their coming back trrm! Just wanted to say that.Oh ya !  PERRIE AND ZAYN ARE ENGAGED !! SO HAPPY FOR THEM! I totally ship them Love them!

Good Night Munchkins !!

Deanna xx

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