The Slice Of A Giant: The Story of Paul Bunyan

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  • Published: 19 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 19 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
This was a play I wrote during my time in drama class.


5. The Fight

*Paul is sitting down next to his companion Babe*
Paul: Babe it may be sad that we are the only giants in a small world like this but overall I think things couldn’t have been better with us.

*Babe rubs up against Paul*

Paul: What could possibly ruin this moment?

*Enter a sound that says “Fire!!!*

Narrator: The voice came from Bill who fires a big lead ball from a huge mechanical slingshot attached to his car aimed at Paul’s head but hit Paul in the chest which caused great pain to giant. Paul tried to swing his axe at them but they were too quick and Rory came behind in his car with a rock to the back bringing the giant to one knee.

Rory: Go down giant. You can’t beat us.

Bill: You will learn why you should have accepted my offer.

Narrator: Another lead ball was loaded and aimed at Paul, hoping to end the giant. The shot was fired and Babe jumped in and took the hit in the ribs. Babe wasn’t moving.

*Paul looks at Babe and gets angry.*

Paul: You no good monsters!!!

*Paul picks up Rory’s car and just when he is about to throw it a lead ball nails him in back and let’s go of Rory’s car which lands good on ground. Paul is in pain.*

*Paul walks fast with them following him.*

Paul *to himself*: I got to get rid of them. *Paul stops along with them.*

*Paul jumps up and down.*

Rory*fearingly*: What’s he doing?

Bill: He is trying to earthquake us!

Narrator: The ground was breaking so much that rivers started to come together and created the 10,000 rivers witch sunk Bill but Rory was able to navigate around it. Paul continued to run.


Rory: You damn giant sunk my dad. You are going to die now! *Shoots more lead balls at him but Paul ducks.*


Narrator: After a while the chase was too much for either. Paul’s feet were tired and the gas was almost on empty for Rory.

Paul: This ends here Rory. You turn around now. I don’t want to hurt you.

Rory: No chance. You killed my dad. Time to end you.

Paul: I warned you.

Narrator: Rory aimed and Paul picked up his axe and swung at the ground multiple times along with dragging it a few times. The vibration made Rory miss and a big canyon started to form. A grand one if you will. Rory fell in and that was all. Paul had won.

Paul: It is all over. No longer will those two plague me with their stubborn and foolishness. Time to check on Babe.

Narrator: Babe was hurt but miraculously was able to get better. Paul suffered minor injuries but was able to continue working in no time. The trees were chopped down and land was cleared for more people. It is unknown when and where Paul and Babe died or even where they went but everyone knows Paul who chopped down trees with the slice of a giant.


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