The Slice Of A Giant: The Story of Paul Bunyan

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  • Published: 19 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 19 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
This was a play I wrote during my time in drama class.


1. The Birth Of A Bunyan

*Enter a man and woman”

Man: Oh darling dear when will the baby be here? You know how much I long for a child to mold into my image and take over the family business.

Woman: The baby should be here soon Mark. We just have to wait. No matter what the child grows up to be wither he carries on the Bunyan tradition of lumber jacking or if he chooses to be something else we shall love it just as much.

Mark :You are right my sweet Elizabeth. It’s just hard work getting these trees down. Even with some of Maine’s strongest men and best equipment these trees just seem kick our butts with their hardness.

Elizabeth:Well we have been through rough times before we can go through it again and the baby will bring in joy to our lives.
*Loud sounds of birds are heard. It sounds like they’re in pain.*

*Mark and Elizabeth run outside. Mark has his gun in his hand.*

Mark: “What is that? “*He points up to the sky*

Elizabeth: It’s humongous!! She says loudly

Narrator: They were expecting storks but not this many. There must have been at least 6 or 7 of them all holding onto a big bundle that was wrapped in a cloth.

Mark: You don’t think it is do you?

Elizabeth: It can’t be. *In disbelief*

Narrator: It drops to the ground. The storks scurry out. The little head popped out and it was. The baby was here.

Mark: What a big one they gave us. That baby can’t be ours.

Elizabeth: Well we can’t give it away now. We promised to take care of the baby no matter what.

Mark: I know and you’re right. Even so this big guy is going to need all the help he can get. Feels so good to have a son. *Smiles*

Elizabeth: What will we name him?

Mark: How about Paul?

Elizabeth: Great. Paul Bunyan. Such a good name.


Narrator: The loving couple manages to get the gigantic baby into their house. It wouldn't be too long before that was impossible as Paul Bunyan grew to be nearly 95 feet tall. He would have to live in the woods which to be fair is close to work as he decided to work with his dad as a lumber jack at 17 years of age. Since they couldn't find an axe big enough for Paul he just had to make do with his hands which he was doing a remarkable job as he plucked trees out of the ground like a flower. Despite Paul’s success as a lumberjack things weren't so peachy after all. Let’s have a look.

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