The Slice Of A Giant: The Story of Paul Bunyan

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  • Published: 19 Aug 2013
  • Updated: 19 Aug 2013
  • Status: Complete
This was a play I wrote during my time in drama class.


2. Paul On The Job

*A young adult enters the scene and approaches Paul with a hard tap on the foot to show Paul he’s there.*

Paul: Hey Rory. *Unhappy tone*

Rory: Well Paul I see you still working at your dad’s lumber jacking job. Big man like you should be working for my dad. We can fix you up nice. With your skills you could easily make the pay of 50 lumberjacks. What you say?

Paul: The same thing I have said last time and the time before. No.

Rory: Why you got to be such a stupid giant? All the height leaves you without a brain? My daddy put a deal on the table that you would be stupid to refuse.

Paul: I guess I’m an idiot then. I prefer family over money.

Rory: My daddy gets what he wants and so do I Paul. You will be working for us wither you like it or not. *Rory takes out a gun and shoots Paul in the foot which makes Paul jump in pain*

Rory: If I and my daddy have to build a big enough gun to convince you that were serious or if we have to go to your parents with our regular ones you will be working for us Paul.

*Paul looks mad and he with a swift but still relatively light kick he sent Rory flying through the woods, thus taking care of him for awhile.*

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