Devil with a blue dress (one direction fan fic)

Rachael was at a local event called the masked ball and meets a stranger she gets his phone number and they start to text. What will she do when she finds out who it is?


4. Your story

Niall's prov

"Niall at the ball you said you met someone. Want to tell me about her?" Liam Asked. "Well her name is rachael Bogausch." I said not knowing what to say we have only known each other for a  couple seconds but it feels like I have known her forever. Wow Niall your soooo cheesy. Well thanks for the complement brain hey here's an idea stfu!! "And" Liam asked making me lose my train of thought. "Ummmm idk I got her number. But it's not like that she's different" I said then I sighed. "Niall she doesn't know who you are!!" He said sounding frustrated but I don't know why. "I plan on telling her" I said quietly. He just walked out of the room punching the door on the way out. What was his problem?

jades prov ahhh new prov!!! Surprise

Ra wanted to go home shortly after 7:30 I thought she would have wanted to stay because I saw her talking to a boy. I was eavesdropping. Ok I know wrong thing to do but hey this is my best friend and I don't want her to end up in some shitty relationship like the last one. His name was Anderson (authors note: that is my real life crush so its hard for me to think of bad things about him)  he was abusive and he cheated on her molt opal times with her step sister. Her mom has a boyfriend named Ed she thinks it is easier to explain there relationship if she calls her moms boyfriends kids step siblings. Ya see in my prospective she is like a Cinderella except it was the father who left. She doesn't refer to her mom as mom she refers to her as Stacy or bitch. She has two evil biological brothers and ended up with not 2 but 4 awful step siblings. 2 girls named Amanda and Nicole who are referred to as thing one and thing two and two step brothers refers to as dumb and dumber. There is yet to be a fairy god mother and a Prince Charming. Hopefully they will come soon!!!! And that is rachael's story. Oh she also is anorexic and cuts herself because kids at school call her fat and worthless thank god it's Sunday.

rachael's prov

"rachael come eat dinner with the family!" Mom yelled down stares I live in the basement sharing a room with my sisters and the room next to us is my brothers room. I live with mom and Ed my brothers step brothers and step sisters. It sucks having to share a room with thing one and thing two. They are always taking my cloths and steeling my makeup and if I try to say something they tell there 'daddy' and my mom and I get told to share my things. Well I bought them so idk why I have to share. At least I have some privacy I put my bed in my closet and built a door it only fits my bed around but there is a shelf up top where I spend most my time just siting up there listening to my iPod that I has been about 2 minuets sense my mom told me to eat dinner I always have to go down but I never eat I always say I ate at work. I work at a diner. I started heading up stairs to the table. " oh look who it is anorexic bitch" niki said everyone laughed as I took a seat then Ed and mom came in with the food. After watching everyone eat mom looked at me weird. "Rachael may I talk to you in the kitchen?" She asked it took all my strength to hold in saying no bit I got up and started walking to the kitchen ignoring that everyone was saying  "ohhhhh your in trouble" and things like that. When we got into the kitchen mom closed the door. " rachael I know you haven't been eating at work. Why have you been starving yourself?" She asked " I have been eating lunch at sch-" I got cut off by mom saying " no you haven't you haven't  taken lunch to school and the school is worried that you don't eat also." " wow mom when did you start carrying what I did? Before today we haven't talked face to face in over 3 months" I snapped " rachael I do care about you!" She said. I couldn't respond I had to leave I ran out the door tears streaming down my face. I went to the only place I knew. My dads house. 

Authors note: hey awesome people thanks for reading what do you think rachael ran away to her dads house her mom said she cared about her. Jade thinks she is like Cinderella. What do you think? Comment like favorite!!! Love you!!!        


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