Devil with a blue dress (one direction fan fic)

Rachael was at a local event called the masked ball and meets a stranger she gets his phone number and they start to text. What will she do when she finds out who it is?


3. The number

Finally a long chapter I have 0 reads so idk who I am weighting for but hopefully someone will read this!! ~rachael 

'And we dance all night to the best song ever we knew every line now I can't remember how it goes but I know that I won't forget her cause we danced all night to the best song ever' I think I was the only one not singing along. It's not that I didn't like one direction it's just that the fans annoy the shit out of me. And beside that fact is I don't like the style of music. My favorite bands are 'all time low' and 'pierce the veil'. The only resin I know things about one direction is because there jades favorite band. Jade promised me that if I wanted to go home at 7:30 if I really wanted to. We got here right before they started to let people in. It is now 7:26 and everyone is dancing except for me. I started to scan the room when I saw this boy. He has died blonde hair and I know it's died because from the roots up for about 3 cm there is beautiful brown hair. I notecard that he was standing alone to. He must love food because he is showing the Buffett table who's boss. He must have seen me eye rapping him because he came over to me. I pretended not to notice. "Hello" I heard an Irish accent say. I looked up and sure enough it was him. "Heyyyy" I said. "What's your name?" He said. "Rachael. Rachael Bogausch" that's pronounced bo-gosh. " what about you" I said as I showed him my smile. "Umm, well, ya see, umm my name is Andy banister" he said " really you don't seem to sure of that." I said trying to figure out why he wasn't saying his real name. "Nope that is my name Andy banister." He said still sounding unsure. "We'll nice to meet you Andy I have a brother who's name is Andy." "Kool" Andy said. 

Niall's prov

i was at the Buffett table when I see this girl staring at me. I decide to go over there and introduce myself. She was wearing a mask that covered her whole face a blue dress black flats  she has blonde shoulder length wavy hair and side bangs. "Hello" I said damn it sounded better in my head "heyyyy" mistery  

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