Devil with a blue dress (one direction fan fic)

Rachael was at a local event called the masked ball and meets a stranger she gets his phone number and they start to text. What will she do when she finds out who it is?


5. school street

i walked for about a mile then i heard my phone ring. It was a text from Andy. but witch one? well judging by the text that said "when will i see you again" i am guessing it was Andy Banister and not my i decided to text back and say "idk i am moving to my fathers"i texted. "what?!! why? are you ok? where is your fathers house? where are you?" ok now i know it is Andy Banisterbecause why would mt brother be concerned for me? he hates me! and why is why is andy banister  getting so frightened we only met one time and because i got scared... wait what i never get scared around boys. then i texted him "i am walking on school street i will probably spend the night at jades house because her house is closer to my dad's house than my mom's." "your walking? let me come pick you up and we can be there before night." he said awwww he is sooo sweet but i cant except i don't know him. "no that's ok but thank you anyway Andy" i said. "no i am coming to get you and i have something to tell you to." wtf does that mean? what could he possibly have to tell me?

Niall's prov

"no i am coming to get you and i have something to tell you." she hasn't texted back i hope she is ok. i am going to get her right now.(skip car ride to school street) when i git to school street i was looking for her frantically hoping that she would think about my offer. pluss i have to tell her my real name and who i am. for once in my life i wish someone isn't a directioner and that person being Rachael. when i found her she was sitting on a park bench. i didn't want to scare her so i walked over to the bench and she was sleeping. she has such a beautiful face. good thing she is not a light sleeper because i didn't want to wake her up so i picked her up bride style and put her in the cat and fastened her seat belt. i started to drive again and remembered that i didn't know where her fathers house is . " Rachael...Rachael... wow she must be really tired because i am yelling at the top of my lunges and she isn't waking up. i know shes alive  because of the way her chest perfectly rises and drops as she breaths. "No Anderson i don't want to go with you. i hate you. Go cry to my sister who you obviously love more than me!!!" she started to cry so i took that as my que to wake her up. i shook her hard enough to wake her up but not hard enough to hurt her. she woke up and she looked scared so i said "its ok Rachael it was only a dream."

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