Devil with a blue dress (one direction fan fic)

Rachael was at a local event called the masked ball and meets a stranger she gets his phone number and they start to text. What will she do when she finds out who it is?


9. read please i need help

hey guys so i wanted to tell you a story about some boy drama i have at school> please read and comment i really need help!! so this boy called me ugly. no that's not it so dont think wow this girl cant take a hit at all. well to start off i want to quote him he said " you are the ugliest girl in the grade and you should really consider using makeup but dont use a mirror you will break it." what hurt me so much is that he is my crushes best friend. if i get mad at him i think my crush will start to make fun of me to so i don't know what to do. please help!!!comment please because right now i am sitting on my bed being sad! :( i probably will update the story again in a fue minuets so please dont hate me for not updateing. and a big thanks to sifi20, itsgatabelou,smilerz225 and lollpop! you guys are awesome!!! go fan them!!

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