Devil with a blue dress (one direction fan fic)

Rachael was at a local event called the masked ball and meets a stranger she gets his phone number and they start to text. What will she do when she finds out who it is?


7. Authors note

Hey guys!! I am back!!!!! Sory for not updating trust me I have wanted to but my doctor said I shouldn't be useing electronics while I am on my medison. I have about 2 hours a day to use my iPod which is what I wright on and of corse I want to use Facebook Instagram twitter exc. so I will have about a half an hour to wright but because I am on my brothers Internet from his phone He will probibly kick me off at times so I will probibly be able to update at least once a week. And sence I have school and stuff it gets really hectic with homework and stressful. So I will update in about 1 hour because I am useing all my time today to wright. 

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