Devil with a blue dress (one direction fan fic)

Rachael was at a local event called the masked ball and meets a stranger she gets his phone number and they start to text. What will she do when she finds out who it is?


1. About me

Hey my name is Rachael. I have 2 brothers named Andrew and Christian. My moms name is Stacy and my dad's name is Michael. My dad moved out when I was 4. We meaning my brothers and I use to see him on the weekends. Mom would drive us to his house and we would stay there for the night then dad would drive us back and on the way back we would get Micky d's (mc donnalds) I remember I always got a kids meal and Andy would get a big Mack and chris would get a 10 peice chicken nugget meal. That went on until I was about 7 then my mom found out my dad had a girlfriend. Mind you that my mom had a secrete boyfriend named tod. Well long story short she flipped out and now we see him once a week for about 4 hours at my gemrandmothers house. My mon and dad are not decorated they are juststeppe rated. Now I am a depressed anorexic mess of a 17 year old who gets bullied and nobody cares about. 

Authors message: hey guys this is my first movella!! Supper exited to actually start the story.Sorry  this is short and I know how annoying these authors messages can be but please like and favorite and comment. Tell me what I can do better! I will update soon luv you!!!!

                           ~ rachael

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