Dear Lovely

the call button can change your whole life


1. Characters

The call button can change your whole world. 


Name: Zoie Evans
Age: 19
About:  Zoie was a typical girl with fears, she was afraid of unknown numbers. Until one day she stop chickening out and called back the unknown number. The unknown number might just turn out to be her love of her life or the swore enemy of Zoie.
FC: Lily Collins

Name:  Justin Bieber
Age: 21
About: Justin never meant to pick up the number, but it ends up calling the number. It was his lovely. He would never imagined Zoie and him anymore than two hopless romatics. What if his imagine has turned on him and made him the bad guy in this. 
FC: Justin Bieber

Name: Tilly Pier
Age: 18
About: Tilly was a prick. She was blonde and pretty. Zoie and Tilly bumped into each other once and they hope never to see each other again, but she ends up with Zoie once again. Tilly hated her even more because of the iccident.
FC: Ashley Benson

Name: Kaylee Evans
Age: 15
About: Zoie's loving younger sister, Tilly's evil spy. 
FC: Acacia Brinley

Name: Devin Rose
Age: 20
About: Zoie's closest guy friend. He's been hiding some feelings to her ever since he was 17. He tells her anonymously. Devin is mortal enemies with Justin because of Justin relationship with Zoie.
FC: Niall Horan

Name: Emma Waters
Age: 18
About: Emma was Zoie's bestfriend, they did everything together, until one night, Emma falls into a coma and instantly forgets her. When Emma returns from the coma, her and Zoie try to remember her and all of her friends
FC: Ariana Grande

 Name:  Lily Guirdy
Age: 19
About: You will have to find out yourself.
FC: Selena Gomez


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