You Said Forever

Charlotte was the sister of Louis Tomlinson. She lived in California with her cousin Alexis. Charlotte was 18 and Alexis was 20. They were both models and they both missed Louis like crazy what happens when they meet again?


2. Life With Char and Lexie

Charlotte's P.O.V

Lexie and i walked out of the modeling building and walked to Starbucks across the street. we always go he after work on Fridays. Tonight we are going out to some fancy club because Lex says that i need to settle down and find a boyfriend. I usually just stay at home but today i feel good almost as if i feel new and SHINY! 


Lou's P.O.V

The boys and i are in California and my sister lives here but the thing is i havent seen her in like 3 years and i don't just want to come barging into her life now. Anyway i am also down in the dumps because Harry's girlfriend kissed me and he walked in and believe her when she said that i kissed her so now i have lost my best mate to some slut. 




hello my lovely munchkins i will update soon i hope you like it so far talk to you soon xx



















































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