Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


19. WHAT!!!!!!!!!


SARAH: omg i just got a call from the police 

niall: omg really why

sarah: they said something about ashley that she didnt  board the plane 

harry: really why

sarah: they think she was kidnapped

all scream what

sarah: yeah they want us down at the police sation but lets all change and relax for while then at 6 we go

they all say ok and change

they go down to the police stion 

police officer: ur friend ashley got kiddnapped

all scream what

police officer: she didnt board the plane 

sarah: is she dead?

polce: we dont know

a girl comes in saying she found the girl

sarah: really where is she i miss her so much

the girl: i found her body

sarah: what no please no

girl: im sorry 

sarah and the reast of the girls cry

gir: her funeral willl be friday 

sarah: *sniffs* ok  thank u 

the girl leaves and so does everyone else


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