Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


7. what are donig here

    SARAHS p.o.v


the girls woke up and got dressed sarah got dressed in 

febe in this 

they went to school. then febe said

febe:happy early birthday 


febe:its your birthdayday tommorw 

me: oh yeah i almost forgot

then we hurry off to class i get a shoutout from the teacher i blushed. everyone looked at me. febe went to my house then i heard a knock on the door we were alone so i cheaked who it was niall

me:what are you doing here

niall: i had to see you 

febe:sarah who is .....


febe sarah can i talk to you over there 


febe: what is he donig here 

me i dont know he said he was missing me 

i walk to niall

me: look niall my birthday is tommorow so come then ok and bring harry.

niall:ok see you tommorow lad


me and febe go upstairs 

febe: wow akward 

me: yeah

febe:  ok lets get ready for your birthday 

sarah: lets go 

sarah and febe say it at the same time

sarah and febe: SHOPPING!!!!!!!!

skip car ride and and shopping

febe: i got to go home 

sarah: ok bye 

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