Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


10. uk here we come



i woke up feeling pumped. AND GOT DRESSED IN this 

febe in this 

merna in this 

ereni in this 

ashley in this 

we went to school. and came back home niall was there 

me: niall what are u doing here 

niall: are you ready to go to the uk 

me: oh yeah im packed  let me call the girls so they can come

i call all of them saying come with their bags they came running 

ereni: sarah come on i want to go

sarah: ok go over there with niall and he ll put ur bags in the car 

merna: hey wear do i put my bags 

sarah: follow ereni 

febe: we..

sarah: over there 


sarah: over there

niall: ok come  on girls lets go to the limo 

sarah: ok come on girls 

niall comes puts his hand over me i smile.we go to the plane i sit next to niall after a few hours i fall asleep on his lap.niall talked to harry who waas next to me he looked a hit niall. he smiled.when we arived. we looked around the apartment it was huge 

me: niall you said this was small

niall: oh then i meant huge 

me: wow just wow

niall: what ok guys lets change and look around the place

all; ok 

i changed in this 

merna changed in this 

ereni in this 

febe in this 

ashley in this 

we all looked in our rooms there werent enoughed so i had to room with niall he smiled  i laughed

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