Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


21. trying to forget

febe's p.o.v 

i woke depressed cuse ashley was my best  friend now shes gone why did this have to happen  to me but i got dressed in this

merna in this 

sarah in this 

ereni in this 

maria in this

sarah ran to niall 

sarah: niall im really upset about ashley how can this happen to her *all girls phones buz sarah looks down*

niall: whos that

sarah: i dont know its someone called A

me: really i got a text from the same person sarah read urs

sarah: it says ur friend is dead and rest will too

me: same here


me: harry calm down

harry: look i just cant have my twin sister and my girlfriend dead

me: look that will never happen i promise 

sarah: yeah harry noone will die i promise too

harry: ok

niall: sarah can i talk to you in private

sarah:ok just a sec. we have to find out whos A

liam: download this* he gives the name to sarah sarah downloaded it*

sarah: it says the adress is blocked 

louis: then how will we know who it is

me: i guess it takes time

merna: but how much time

there is silence in the room zayn tryies to cheer us up

zayn: hey guys look this may not be the best day but lets have fun isn't that why u girls came to the UK

maria: u guys didnt live here

sarah: no we moved here cuse it was our dream and bla bla bla

zayn: isnt it

me: well yeah we came to have fun not have one of our best friends killed and some freak trying to kill us

sarah: its just to much drama

niall: hey guys go outside near the pool im gonna show u something 

the girls go outside niall pushes us in the pool 

all: NIALL

niall starts to laugh nonstop but then the boys come and push niall in the girls dunk his head in the pool when he catches his breath he starts laughing agian

niall: see i got u out of ur mood 

sarah: yeah thanks babe i love you so damn much but if u ever to do that to me agian its not goin be pretty

niall: ill take that risk

me: hey harry get the rest of the boys in here

harry: kk *harry said in a girly way i laugh* 

niall: come on in boys the water is cool 

all the boys jump in 

niall: sarah ur dress is floating in the water

sarah:*looks back* oh let me go change in my bikni 

niall: id like to see that

sarah: uh niall 

niall laughs and we all go change in our biknis 

sarah in this 

p.s hey guys im only doing sarah cuse i cant find a lot of biknis and um they spend the rest of the night swiming and splashing the end 

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