Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


9. Telling them

Next Day

Febronia  P.O.V.

F: Let's text them and tell them

S:Ok you text Ereni and Merna and I'll text Ashley ok?


Febronia to Ereni: Niall got us tickets to the UK and with him and Harry! :) Xx. OMG! YAY!

Ereni to Febronia: OMG! YaY am I going!? :(

Febronia to Ereni: DUR! :) Xx.

Ereni to Febronia: Whoop Whoop! When do we leave? :) Xx.

Febronia to Ereni: In a week now bye so I can tell Merna! Byeeeee Love ya wifeyyy :)

Ereni to Febronia: Ok byeee I'll come later! :) Xx.

Febronia to Ereni: Ok!

I texted Merna the same thing and we are all meeting at my house later. So is Sarah and Ashley!

Later That Day

F:Great everyone's here

S: let's have some fun after we get in our pjs

Everyone went to change in there pjs. Then we started the fun

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