Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


17. sleepover

erenis pov 

when lou asked me to be his girlfriend i freaked out. the girls asked if i wanted a sleepover. iscreamed yes then i change into this for the sleepover 

ashley in this 

febe in this 

merna in this 

maria in this 

p.s she browwed it from sarah 

sarah in this 

febe: sarah really

sarah: what *looks down* oh um its the only clean thing 

everyone laughs 

sarah: ok lets play truth or dare 

everyone says yeah

sarah: ok me first uhh maria truth or dare

maria: dare 

sarah: k i dare u to kiss zayn 

maria: no way

sarah: u picked dare

maria: fine

maria walks to zayns room

zayn: oh hey

maria kisses him then she ran away

maria: i did it happy

sarah: yeah

febe: k my turn um ereni truth or dare

ereni: dare 

febe: i dare u to do it with lou toinght 

ereni: kkkkk

ereni: my turn k sarah truth or dare

sarah: dare

ereni: k ummmmm uh oh i dare u to get fruit punch and put down nialls shirt and harry

sarah: k 

sarah grabs the fruit punch and puts it down nialls shirt  then she ran to the kitchen grabed  the fruit punch and put down harrys shirt

sarah: im so happy i did ..................

harry and niall come with ice and put it down with sarahs shirt sarah ran after them pushed them in the pool. niall and harry got up and pushed her back. the girls ran in laughing. the lou zayn and liam pushed them. they were laughing like crazy the girls ran out and pushed them in. it was so funny. harry and niall picked sarah up after she got out and picked her up she got thrown in then she got out then  pushed them in. harry and niall took sarah in the pool then harry picked her up and put her on his shoulders then dropped her in she pushed him in the water then nial took her and slamed herr in. after all that they went to take showers sarah went in with niall febe with harry

maria with zayn and ereni with lou. that was all the bathrooms exept one so merna went in with laim.after that they all went to sleep.


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