Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


16. niall calm down


me: niall ur awake aready

niall: couldnt sleep

sarah: oh whys that 

niall: i was thinking about u 

sarah: oh thats sweet

niall: and harry

sarah: look i ll find out later i have to change

niall: later babe 

i go up to change i change into this     

febe in this 

merna into this 

ereni in this 

maria in this 

then i went downstairs and niall told me why i was hanging out with harry 

me: niall all we wanted to is get to know eacch other are u jelous 

niall yells no i said niall calm down 

niall: sarah ur my girlfriend i want u to be mine only mine

me: niall ur my boyfriend i love you u should trust me i still will be with but if u were jelous agian dont ok 

niall: look im so so so so sorry 

sarah: i love u niall

niall: i loveu more sarahbear

sarah: dont call me that 

niall: sorry 

i kiss niall so hard he smiled  

hey guys i know this is short but i wrote this in like 20 min so please dont judge

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