Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


4. more time

hey guys sorry my chapters are small im gonig to make them big







   we wanted to get all our friends with us so we asked sarahs mom to get us more tickets. she said the concert is tommorow i cant get tickets by then


sarah: what are we going to do they wanted to so bad.

me:i know lets call them and tell them

febronia calls them and said they cant come they were distopinted but i had an idea i tell sarah she said it was genuis i told them when we can come back we can have a party. i told them we are having a sleepover tonight just for us. they all screamed yes.sarah changed into this

witch was adorbs and i changed into this 





we waited until the girls came merna came first then ereni then ashley.



me:so since everyones here popcorn

febe:oh hey everyone

merna:ashley got you guys something

ashley:i know its not a lot but here 

me and febronia quickly unwrap it. it was a necklace with our names on it 

me: thank you so much 

febronia:yes thank you im speechless.

merna:lets get in our pjs and sleep 

they ally say ok. they change then go to sleep

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