Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


12. Maria

Febe P.O.V.

"Ok we are going back home in a bit" Harry said.

"Now it's time to have fun!" Niall continued for Harry.

We played a few games. I hit Harry so he ran after me. He got tired and almost fainted so he stopped and I went to check on him.

"You ok Haz?" I asked him as I got on both of my knees since he sat on the grass.

"Y-Ya how do y-you run so f-fast without getting tired?" He asked clearly out of breath.

"I was a cheerleader back home"

"Oh..." I nodded so I waited til' he got his breath back and we played more games.

Sarah's P.O.V 

I gave maria some of the clothes I've already worn and Febe got dressed in this.

Me  in this 

Merna in this

Ereni in this 

Ashley in this

Maria in this

we took a walk outside. and Niall gave me this 

i said thank you but i was so happy. that i went outside but when i was going down the stairs i tripped and fell down and hit a rock. niall came down a few minutes later found me laying on the floor he tried and tried to wake me up but i couldn't he called harry. he came running picked me up and ran to the hospital. they were so scared they called down the girls and boys they all came down worried to death . niall came in the room kissed me and said i love you and he was crying he ran out crying the rest of the boys followed 

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