Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


18. forever gone

mernas pov

i woke up ashley had a worried look on her face like she was hideing something. but i just went on and changed i changed into this 

sarah in this 

febe in this 

ereni in this 

ashley in this 

and maria in this 

merna: ashley whats wrong 

ashley: me um uh nothing i just have a lot on my mind 

maria: hey sarah said she wanted all of us down there 

sarah: ok guys ....

ashley: i have to say something

sarah: later

ashley: no its important

sarah : fine

ashley: my mom wants me back home

all: wat

ashley: im already packing and leaving tommorw

 merna: but what no dont leave please

ashley: i dont have a choice im sorry

a day later......

ashley: bye guys i love yall

all go hug her and scream nooooooo

ashley crys then laughs then she boards the plane  

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