Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


11. finding out

we started to walk around uk. 

it was butiful then we came home so tired.we went staright to sleep. sarah slept next to niall he kissed her. she looked at him then kissed him back.we wake up and found the rest of the boys  there. 

sarah: hey guys what are you doing here

harry: they are staying with us 

sarah: what but there is no room 

harry: i know febe is going to stay with me louis is staying with merna laim is staying with ashley and zayn with ereni

sarah: are u guys ok with that 

all nodd yes 

sarah: ok then let party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

louis: sarah do you want beer 

sarah: sure 

louis: here

sarah: thanks i feel so drunk

niall: sarah....

sarah kisses niall for a long time he faints she starts danceing

harry: febronia i love you

febronia: i love you too

we all went to sleep. and woke up and we got dressed in this

louis was aready awake he was making breakfast.

sarah: im so dizzy

louis: me too 

niall: hey babe im so tired 

sarah: me to lad me too

niall: ha ha 

ereni: sarah i borrowed your bracelet if thats ok

sarah: yeah thats ok are you as dizzy as i am

ereni: no i  didnt drink like you

sarah: *throws up* good choice

everyone laughs and throw up exept ereni she keeps laughing 

sarah: do you even rember what happened 

niall: huh i dont  know 

ereni: i know everyone was so drunk they were kissing everything 

sarah: ha ha

ereni: sarah what are you laughing about you kissed a bottle and sang to it then fainted then got back up and kissed the wall

sarah: that is cold 

everyone laughs then falls asleep and woke up tommorow exept ereni who drew on our faces. we woke up. washed our faces.and got dressed.

sarah got dressed in this

febe in this

ereni in this

merna in this 

ashley in this 

febe: sarah i hope its ok i browed your bracelet 

sarah: its ok lets just go to the park 

niall: yeah lets go guys

they all walk to the park and find a girl crying on a bench 

sarah: hello hey whats wrong 

girl: i cant find my parents and they left me i cant do anything about

sarah: how have you been here and how old are you 

girl: my name is maria and i have been here for over 2 hours and im 19

sarah: if you want you can stay with us

they all pull sarah away and say where i she going to stay 

sarah: she can stay with zayn and ereni 

they all say fine

sarah: your going to sleep in the room with them "points to ereni and zayn" 

maria: ok um i only have this

she was wearing this 

sarah: you can wear some of our clothes 

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