Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


5. concert time

they all wake up screaming one direction into sarahs ears.she wakes up screaming what.

sarah:why did u do that you scared the crap out of me

sarahs mom: girls wake and get dressed 

all: ok

sarah gets dressed into this

febe into this 

merna into this 

ereni into this 

ashley into this

they all went to school.then came home freaking out. 


febe: sarah what are going to wear 


sarah:youll see just two more hours.

sarahs mom: sarah i have bad news i lost my ticket so i cant come 

sarah: ok 

sarahs mom: its front row seats sooo

sarah: ahhhhhh omg i love you so much

two hours later 

sarah got dressed in this 

febronia in this

sarah: ok lets go ill drive 


skip car ride 

sarah: we are here 

one direction opens with what makes you beatiful but niall kept staring at sarah then they closed with best song ever. but when it came to nialls part he forgot what he was doing. harry told him dude its ur line but niall didnt speak then harry looked at sarah then stared at febe zayn slaped them both so they can focuas everyone laughed they finshed the song then everyone stared to leave but harry and niall ran to catch up with us.they said whats ur names. sarah said sarah and febe said febriona. give us ur adress the boys said and we gave them our adresses . we have to leave sorry boys ok when can we see you agian . we said come to our house tommorow.they said thank you and we left.

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