Niall's Girl

Two best friends get to go see One Direction.........


8. birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 i came to sarahs house to wake her up i screamed happy birthday in her ears and woke up screaming and falling

 sarah: what are you doing here its saturday

febe: its 11:00 o clock 

sarah: oh ok hey  

5 hours later sarah came into the house the lights were closed she opeaned them. then everyone came out yelling suprise  she said wow we ate cake . then danced partied. sarah yelled guys preseant time everyone gathered around. sarah opened the preasents

sarah opeaned mine first i got her 

merna got her 

ereni got her 

ashley got her 

niall and harry were next harry got her this

niall got her 5 tickets to the uk 

sarah:why 5 

niall : so all your best friends can come

sarah: thank so much mom can i go 

mom: sure your 19 now so yes honey you can in a week

sarah: thank you so much i love you all thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!..... Wait Niall and Harry will you two come.

Harry: Ya we are. The flight leaves in a week so get ready ok?

Febronia: Ok!

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