God daughter

Isabella Parker, (doesn't like to be called Bella) has a hard life. She only has one parent (her dad), has an average grade of a C and doesn't have any close friends. She's not bullied by one person, she's bullied by the whole school. What happens when the worst thing possible happens? What happens when her life totally switches gears. Will things work out or will crash and burn? Will she survive this change or will she run away? Read it to find out......... This IS a Justin Bieber fan fic!


3. My life is over!

Izzy's POV


I paced the room in frustration.


Izzy: how!?

Nancy: here come and see.


She signaled me to come and look at the paper work. I walked over and looked at the paper. Then I pointed at the paper.


Izzy: That says "Jeremy Bie-"


Then I realized that Jeremy had died just last year in a car accident.


Nancy: yes, so because Jeremy has past away, Justin instantly gets to be your legal guardian.

Izzy: why can't Pattie be my legal guardian?

Nancy: because, when Jeremy died it ment that Justin would take that place of Jeremy.


Nancy: umm....


She looked back down at the papers.


Nancy: your mother was friends with him and she wanted him to be the god parent. So I'm guessing your father agreed. They never told you-

Izzy: NOO!!


I'm extremely pissed right now I can't even explain it....... How could my parents keep this big of a secret from me?!


Izzy: I'm old enough to live on my own! I'm 17!

Nancy: that's just it, your not an adult until you are 18 and there for Justin Bieber is going to be you "protector" until you're 18.




Protector? really? That boy would kill a fly for me, no way am I going to live with him!



Izzy: can't we just change the paper work? and find a new home for me?


Nancy: ohh..... well I can't change the paper work, but if Justin's house is not in living condition for you then we can change you foster planes.


Does he even know?


Izzy: dose Justin even know?

Nancy: Well I just called Mr. Braun and faxed a sheet of paper for Justin to sign, indicating that he will be your guardian,  he should be telling Justin right about........ now.



I sighed in frustration!!! Why him?! Don't I get a paper to sign!? Does anybody care what I have to say?! My life is over! He's going to be a dick to me........ wait if he's going to be a dick to me then I can just live with someone else.........








Justin's POV




I just got done with one of my longest tours ever. I sang all my songs and brought back the teen sensation Justin Bieber....... I still got it.


I'm at my house right now lying in my bed and watching TV, I've been doing this for the last 2 days. Scooter says I should go out and try to find "that one less lonely girl" but I can't. Trust me I've tried.



"Ding, dong!"


The door bell rang.


Huh? I'm not expecting company? I got out of bed and walked down the stairs and realized I don't have a shirt on....... oh well.


"Ding, dong! ding, dong!..... knock, knock, knock!"

The person on the other side of that door is getting really inpatient.



Justin: gees! hold the fuck down.


I opened the door and Scooter was standing there with a worried look on his face. Then he barged right into my house.


Justin: whoa? What's wrong with you?

Scooter: come and sit down.


He walked in the kitchen area and I followed. Then he sat down at the kitchen table, and set out a sheet of paper and a pin.


Justin: What is this? An autograph for your niece-

Scooter: JUSTIN! Not the time for jokes! Know read this. Its important!


Scooters never really yelled at me like that..... so I'm guessing that I should read the paper.


I sat down and took the sheet of paper in my hand and began to read.



* * *


Justin: What!!?? No I'm not signing that!


I got up from my chair and pointed to the sheet of paper.


Scooter: Justin, you have to.... This girl just lost her dad....... you know how that feels?



A sudden clump in my throat formed. I do know how it feels and it's not the best feeling......



Justin: I know....... but I don't want a kid?!

Scooter: come on, Justin.

Justin: Wait I don't get it? Why me I don't even know Isabella Mari Parker?


I looked back down at the paper work.


Scooter: I know, your dad knew her parents, and apparently your dad was supposed to be the god father....... but since he past away, you have to fill his shoes.



I guess it kind of makes since?


Justin: Well, do you know how old she is?

Scooter: no, I don't, but no matter what age, your going to be nice to her.



Great! She's going to be some fat, ugly 11 year old, who's a big belieber...... just my luck.



Scooter: Justin, if you don't sign this then someone is sure to find out and you'll loose even more of your fan's.

Justin: so I already have enough of them.

Scooter: Justin!....... sign the paper's! I'll make sure that she's not with you for to long!....... ok?!



I mean I guess I don't want to loose anymore of my fan's? And what would it hurt to have a kid?........ Oh ya a lot! I don't want a fucking god daughter!


Justin: *sigh*

Scooter: trust me...... she won't stay with you to long.


There was a long pause..........


Justin: fine.


I grabbed the paper and signed it...... regretting it when I handed the paper back to Scooter.


Scooter: Thanks Justin, your doing the right thing.



Doesn't feel like it.



Scooter took the paper and walked to the front door about to leave.


Scooter: clean up around here? They'll be here tomorrow.

Justin: Tomorrow!

Scooter: yes, she needs you as soon as possible..... you have a kid you have to take care of......... I'll be back here with her and her foster taker at 11:30 am. Be ready!


He shut the door and left me standing here in confusion. "a kid"........... My life is over!








A/N: okkkaaayyy I updated! I hope you like the story so far! It will get a lot better.......... trust me :)

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