God daughter

Isabella Parker, (doesn't like to be called Bella) has a hard life. She only has one parent (her dad), has an average grade of a C and doesn't have any close friends. She's not bullied by one person, she's bullied by the whole school. What happens when the worst thing possible happens? What happens when her life totally switches gears. Will things work out or will crash and burn? Will she survive this change or will she run away? Read it to find out......... This IS a Justin Bieber fan fic!


15. It's hard

Izzy's POV





"Mmmmmm." I felt a vibration on the one side of my head.


I opened my eyes a little and I could see the sun rising, from the window. Oh shit. I was going to get up but, I feel to comfortable. The pillow I'm laying on is so soft and warm.


"Shit." I heard Justin whisper. But he was closer to me then I thought it was like he was.....OMG!



I swung my head off of my 'warm comfy pillow', aka, Justin's chest. I look at Justin's eyes and they were open.


Then I pushed off of Justin's chest and got back up on my feet.


Justin looked at me and then down at his phone.


"Umm, Scooter texted me and said that they would be here in an hour." He said not looking up at me.


"Oh, umm, okay." I said and then walked up the stairs to my bathroom to take a shower.


I stripped my clothes, that left me in my bra and underwear. I looked down at my wrist. And the cuts that were there last night, were replaced with two little white scars.


I rubbed my wrist wishing that I never had cut last night.


Then there was a knock at the bathroom door. I walked over and opened it 5 or 6 inches, peaking my head out and keeping my mostly naked body behind the door.


"Yes." I said to Justin, who had his hands behind his back. I looked at his arms with confused eyes.


Then he pulled a towel out from behind his back. I looked at the towel and then laughed. It brought back weird memories. Justin laughed with me.


"Here." he handed me the towel that I actually did need. Thank god.


"I'm going to go get ready too." He said while pointing to his bedroom that was just down the hall.


"Okay." I said and closed the door as fast as I could. I could feel something in my stomach. Something that I've never felt before.


His eyes, they make me melt.

His voice, I want to listen to it all day.

His body, it just so perfe-


No, no, no, no, no, NO! No Isabella, just stop.


I turned on the shower then waited it it got to the right temperature.


I stepped in and let the hot water flow down my body.

I washed my hair and body. Then shaved my legs.


I stood there for 10 minutes and then realized that I needed to get out. I turned off the water. Then I wrapped the towel Justin got me around the upper part of my body. I stepped out off the shower.


I grabbed my sweats that I wore last night and threw them in the wash. Then I walked to my room. I looked at the clock and it read: 10:30

Nancy and Scooter will be here in 30 minutes.



I don't know where we're going so my outfit is casual.




Jean waist high shorts, a purple soft mid-sleeved t-shirt that was tucked in the shorts and some purple keds,



These are some of the cutes outfits that I own and trust me I don't have a lot.


My hair:


Since my hair is really long there are multiple things I can do with it, but today I think I'm just going to do a side messy fish tail.



I put on a shade of make-up and mascara, sprayed perfume on and then I was done. I looked at myself in the mirror and instantly started to judge myself.


Look at my thighs.

My hips don't curve the right way.

My hair is disgusting.

Just look at me.....



"Wow, you look really good." I heard Justin say from behind, in the door way. I turned around.


"Thanks." I said while slightly blushing in my head.


"Scooter called and said they were going to be here in 10 minutes." he said shifting his position.


"Do you know where we're going." I asked.


"Well, your school." When he said that I just wanted to scream. I have to go back to people, that will most likely hate me.


I sighed.


"Hey, you might like it and besides you only have to go for a couple of my months left." he had a point. But still, I have to deal with whatever shit they give me while I'm there.




* * *



"Well were happy to have you guys in our school and we will gladly accept Isabella in Bullets high school." Mr. Samuels, the principal of this shit hole, said as he shook all of our hands.


"Great. So tomorrow she'll get started here at this wonderful high school." Scooter cheeseley said.



We walked out off his office, Justin by my side. The bell rang. The passing period bell. Everyone came scurrying out of their class room pushing to get to the next. I bent my head down and began to walk to the exit. I turned around to see if Nancy, Scooter and Justin were coming and I saw that all the people in the halls were staring at me and Justin.



I swear I feel there eye's burning into me.



"Eww, she's with the faggit Justin Bever." Some radon kid yelled. Then everyone started laughing.


For some weird reason it angered me that he said that.



"Come on." I felt Justin put his hand on my back and lightly push my forward.


I shrugged him off and walked forward.  


"That's right walk off fat ass with the faggit." Another guy yelled from the crowd.



Justin pushed me again to leave.


A tear streamed down my face. How could they say something like that and not even know me? Why would they judge me just because Justin is with me?


"Don't listen to them." Justin said as he opened up the car door for me.


"Yeah, sweetie, I bet they will forget all about it by tomorrow." Nancy tried reassuring me. Scooter nodded his head agreeing with Justin and Nancy.


I got in the car ignoring all three of them.


We drove to Justin's house in silence. When we got there me and Justin got out and Nancy and Scooter were about to drive off.


"7:00." Nancy yelled out the window.


"Okay." I said acting like I cared.


Then they drove off, me and Justin went inside. I began to walk upstairs.


"You hungry?" I heard Justin say. I turned around.

"Yeah." My stomach started to growl.

"Pizza?" He asked.

"Sure." I turned around and started to walk back up to my room.

"What kind?" He asked. I turned around.

"Cheese please." I rhymed.

"Okay." Justin chuckled.


I walked back up to my room. I sat of the couch and took out my diary. The blade fell out on my lap. I stared at it.


"Don't do it Isabella." I whispered to myself. "Don't do it."

I grabbed the blade off my lap and put it next to me. I took the pin and began to write in my diary.


'Its hard. It really is. Living with Justin, going to a new school, losing both of your parents. It's just all hard."


I put the blade back into the diary and stuffed the book back in between the couch cushions.

I lied down and stared at the ceiling.


* * *



Justin and Isabella ate the pizza and watched tv together. Justin is warming up to Isabella. They both bonded and laughed. It made Isabella forget about her cuts and it made Justin forget about all of the hate. They both had a good night.


But tomorrow is school.




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