God daughter

Isabella Parker, (doesn't like to be called Bella) has a hard life. She only has one parent (her dad), has an average grade of a C and doesn't have any close friends. She's not bullied by one person, she's bullied by the whole school. What happens when the worst thing possible happens? What happens when her life totally switches gears. Will things work out or will crash and burn? Will she survive this change or will she run away? Read it to find out......... This IS a Justin Bieber fan fic!


19. Hug

Izzy's POV

"Hey." I felt someone lightly bump my side. I turned and I saw that it was Michael and his pretty blue eyes. I smiled.

"Hi." I said while we both walked into lunch together and got in the lunch line.

"Sooooo, heard you were late to school. What were you doing, fucking the Biebs?" He joked. I punched his muscular arm. Why do they think I screw Justin. It gives me chills thinking of it. And not the good kind of chills.

"No. I would never have sex with him." I exclaimed.

"Oh, well if you need someone to fuck, you know I'm here." He pointed to himself. I nodded my head and looked away. He's kinda crossing the line.

We got up to where the food was and I just grabbed a bag of chips, today I think I will eat. We got up to pay.

"Here, I'll pay." Michael said before he handed the lunch lady 2 dollars.

"No you don't have t-"

"It's fine, really. You can repay me later." He winked. I blushed slightly, then quickly feeling uncomfortable when he grabbed the side of my waist and pulled us out into the open where everyone was sitting. They all starred with somewhat horrid eyes.

We kept walking until we reached the table that they sat at yesterday. Cory, David, and Drew where all siting in a row eating their food.

Michael sat down across from Cory and I sat across from Drew. He looked up when I sat down and smiled. I smiled back. Michael began talking it Cory and David.

"Hi." He mouthed the word to me.

"Hi." I mouthed back and giggled.

I opened my bag of chips and ate a them, soon girls started fluttering Drew and the rest of them. And I sat there once again in awkward silence. I think Drew saw me because he reached across the table and grabbed my hand.

"Come on." He said and pushed threw the girls. I got up and followed where he was going.

"Bitch, keep walking." I heard someone say as I walked by a table.

"Don't fuck with her." Drew said. He sorta took the words out if my mouth.

I kept walking with Drew, soon he lead us out of the lunch room and into the halls.

"What the fuck Drew?!" I said.

"What? It's free period?" He said and I nodded my head agreeing with him.

"But won't the guys wonder where we went?" I asked looking back at the cafeteria.

"Who gives a fuck?" I looked back at him and once again nodded my head. "Now come on." He grabbed my hand.

We went down the stairs.

"Here." He said and opened up a door. I'm guessing it was an abandon janitors closet.

"What are we doing here?" I asked pointing to the room.

"It's where everyone hangs out when they cut class, want to do drugs, drink or have sex." He said walking in. Uncomfortably I walked in right behind him. He turned on the light. There was definitely signs that people do some pretty gross stuff in here. He closed the door. Don't freak out Isabella, don't freak out.

"And none of the teachers found this before?" I asked really surprised and trying to play it cool.

"No, they all just have their heads up in the ass too far to realize that 20 people a day either get high, drunk, fucked or a nap in here." He said grabbing a beer from a cooler that was in the corner. He opens it and took a long drink. I watched as he sucked it down.

He took it away from his lips. "You want one?" He asked holding up the beer bottle. I shook my head no. I'd rather not get drunk now. He smirked at me as I sat down on a couch that was weirdly placed in there.

"What?" I asked as he smirked at me. He set his bottle down.

"Oh, nothing," he began walking over to me. "It's just that when I said people have sex in here.... They have to have somewhere comfortable to do it." I jumped up and squealed.

"Eww." I whined. I looked back over at Drew and his face was really close to my face. I looked into his chocolaty eyes. He grabbed the sides of my face and kissed me. I struggled for a second and then gave in.

He let go of the kiss and lightly pushed me on the couch. He hovered over me. I let him kiss me again. It's the first time I've ever been kissed, well the first time that I've been kissed and enjoyed it.

He pulled on my t-shirt. I pushed his hands away.

"No, I don't want to do this." I whispered referring to having sex with him. I can't go back on the path of having a dick in me. It's all too painful.

"Oh, sorry." He jumped off me. "I thought you were ready." He said backing up a bit so I could have some air.

"No, I'm not ready." I said with memories flushing back into my head.

The door swung open. It was Michael.

"What are you guys doing in here...... Alone?" He asked looking at Drew.

"Nothing." Drew said while looking down and then over at me.

Michael chuckled and walked in. I stood up getting ready to leave. Michael walked over to me and stroked my face. I looked into his soft blue eyes and couldn't help but blush.

"Aahmm. We should probably get going." Drew said. I looked over at him and he had his hands deep into his pockets. I feel kinda bad for kissing Drew and then wanting to kiss Michael the next minute.

Michael took his hand away from my face.

"Yeah." Michael whispered as he looked into my eyes. I looked away and started to walk to the door to leave.

Drew followed close behind me. I turned back and Michael was walking towards me and Drew. Drew came closer to my side and then I felt a hand slither around my waist, but it wasn't Drew. I could feel Drew's eyes as he watch Michael pull me in close and give me a kiss on the cheek.

I smiled liking the fact that two guys may actually not hate me, unlike everyone else I know. But then after smiling I felt like a dick, because I totally just made out with Drew and it got pretty steamy and now I let Michael touch me and kiss me like Drew had never put his lips on my lips.

The bell rang and people quickly came down the stairwell. As all three of us walked by our high school mates, they stared at us. With Michael still holding on to me.

I got out of his grip, when we reached my locker, and then I gave Drew a hug and you had to back. I could feel as Michael stared at us and then I turned around and gave Michael a hug too. Michael squeezed me while looking over my shoulder at Drew.

I let go of him. "Bye." I said and looked him in his beautiful eyes.

"Bye." He simply replied while still looking over at Drew. I turned over to Drew. "Bye." I said to him. He nodded his head telling me that that meant 'bye'.

I turned back around and opened up my locker, they both quietly walked away. I let out a big breath. Being around them makes me nervous, I just can't help it.

I grabbed my bag and headed to next hour.

People still gave me dirty looks while I walked the halls to my next hour.

"She probably had sex with them both." I heard a terrible comment come out of some bitches mouth. I stopped dead in my tracks. They were behind me I know it. I could hear a faint giggle. "And she's probably banging Bieber along with the other two." Another rude comment came out. I turned around and stared. Their is quite a few people in the halls and I really couldn't tell who said it.

"Slut." Someone remarked before they purposely bumped into me causing me to fall back on the ground. They all laughed.

I closed my eyes and just imagined that this was all just a dream, no Justin, my dad is still alive, no school and no pain. I opened them back up but they were all still there. A few were even mocking me.

I stood up with a tear forming in my left eye. (That's always the first eye that waters up.) I began walking to my class, getting as far away from people as possible. Right now I don't need a boyfriend or a best friend, I just need a friend, even less, a hug.


The day went on. Yes there was rude comments here and there but you know, they hurt me so much today it really doesn't effect me.

The bell had rung, indicating that it is time for us to get out of school. I walked slowly to the parking lot, where Justin picks me up. I really don't want people seeing me get in the same car as him, it would just add on more ways to bully me.

When I got outside, 10 minutes later, mostly everyone had left, it's Friday and everyone wanted to get out of here. But there was still two people here. It looks like, Drew and Michael. What would they be doing here?

I got close enough to where I could hear them, but they couldn't see me.

"I can't do this, we can't do this again Michael! It's not fair." Drew said.

"You can't tell me what to do. And since when do you care?"

"Since now, and it stops now! It's been going on for to long. Somebody's going to find out." Drew said demandingly.

"I don't care if she-"

Me being my totally cluts I tripped trying to get closer to them. They both turned to look at me. Drew ran over and helped me up.

"You okay?" He asked.

"Yeah I'm fine. What were you guys taking about?" I asked curiously.

"Nothing it's-"

"It's a surprise that we can't share with you, because we know that that would get us in big trouble." Michael said looking at Drew and Drew looking back at Michael.

Then Drew looked back at me in the eyes. He gave me some kind of look, but I can't tell what. They say the eyes can tell a thousand words, well I'm getting nothing but one word and that's... What?

"Well I'll see you at school on Monday. Hope you have a good weekend." Michael said kindly to me. I nodded back with a smile to him. He began to walk away.

"You need a ride?" Drew asked. I looked behind me to where Justin is supposed to be, but he isn't and then I looked back at Drew.

"Sure." I sighed. We walked over to his car. It's a red convertible Mustang, but the top was up.

He opened the door for me and I got in. It smelled like guys, more like ax. He walked over and got in the drivers seat. He looked at me.

"What?" I asked.

"Nothing." He sighed and started the car. We started to drive until we reach Justin's neighbourhood. I told him which house it was and he pulled up in the drive way.

I sighed and looked over at Drew who was looking out his window. "What were you guys talking about?"

"He told you it's a surprise." Drew said almost like it hurt for him to say.

I sighed once more and gave up with asking questions.

"Thanks." I said and grabbed my bag.

"Mmhmm." He mumbled while still looking out his window and not at me.

I sighed and slammed his door shut. Nobody has even tried to just be my friend at least. He back out of the drive way and drive away. I watched with another tear forming in my left eye. I us he'd it up and walked up to the front door. The last thing I need is Bieber to ask what's wrong.

Talking about Bieber, why didn't he pick me up? Dick.

I rolled my eyes and opened the door. There was loud noises coming from upstairs, maybe even a banging. What the fuck is Justin doing?

I dropped my bag on the floor and ran into the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and made myself a bowl of Captain Crunch.

I ate the cereal in silence. The noise from upstairs stopped. I'm not even going to bother going to see if Justin is okay, or if that was Justin. For all I know someone could be robbing Justin and I'm just sitting here in peace eating my Captain Crunch.

The police would be like: where were you at the time this house was being robbed?

Me: inside.

Police: well didn't you hear noises?

Me: yes.

Police: why didn't you see what was going on?

Me: I was eatin' my fuckin' Crunch!

And that would be the story of how I let Justin Bieber's house get robbed.

No, but I highly doubt this house is being robbed.

I put my dishes away after I was done. I went upstairs to my room. While I walked close to my door I turned around and looked at Justin's door. It was closed.

'Should I knock?' I meant ally asked myself. I shook my head. I turned back around to my bedroom door and then all of the sudden I heard a moan and voices coming from inside his room.

"Yeeeeeeeeeesssss!!" I could hear Justin yell. I put my hand over my mouth. Wtf?! I walked closer to the door, with my hand still over my mouth, and I leaned my ear against the door.

"That's right!! Suck Jerry!!" Justin yelled. OMFG!! He's totally fucking someone rather than coming to pick me up from school.

I swung open the door without warning to them inside or even me, it was just and instinct.

I saw thing that I can unsee. Nasty things. Terrifying things.

Masterbating things....

There laid Justin as he was still giving himself a hand job. He didn't even see me. I stared with wondering eyes. The covers were over him, but it is so different from what I've seen before. Nasty, but..... Okay, no it's nasty.

His eyes are closed and he keeps shifting poisons and moaning. I just walked out of his room carefully, trying not to disturb 'horny Bieber'. Who knows what would happen if he saw me. It brings back my rap memories and I just can't let that happen again.

I closed the door as careful as I could. It barely made a noise. I let out the breath that I have nearly been holding for 2 minutes.

I ran to my bedroom, shut and locked the door. I laid under my covers trying not to think over bad thing and to think of good things...... I have nothing good in my life right now. It's all just shit and on top of that there's Justin and on top of that load of shit is horny Bieber.

Like I said before, all I need is one friend, just one. The one that I can tell all of this to and know that they would never tell a soul about any of it. One that will accept me as I am and take all of my past life drama. Just one, that's all I'm asking for.

I closed my eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep. I know I'll have to face Justin again sometime tonight. But I just don't know how I'll act........

A/N: ayy, how's it going? I'll tell you how am going even tho most of you don't give a shit and don't read this, I'm dong Great!(note sarcasm) no, but seriously you guys are so cute when you comment, i love reading them. I don't want to respond to every single one because after I do that I feel like a stalker. But if you read this comment 'I Love Me Some Justin' and what you think.

Ps, what do you guys think about Jelena??????????? 😘💕✌️

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