God daughter

Isabella Parker, (doesn't like to be called Bella) has a hard life. She only has one parent (her dad), has an average grade of a C and doesn't have any close friends. She's not bullied by one person, she's bullied by the whole school. What happens when the worst thing possible happens? What happens when her life totally switches gears. Will things work out or will crash and burn? Will she survive this change or will she run away? Read it to find out......... This IS a Justin Bieber fan fic!


4. getting ready

Izzy's POV


I woke up to my beautiful ceiling.......... why is it beautiful you ask? Well because a poster of Harry Styles's is there. I sat there starring...  until I realized that I was going to go meet Justin Bieber and possibly........live with him.


The thought of living with him gave me chills.... and not the good kind of chills the nasty kind.



I looked over at my clock it's 7:40 am. I'm supposed to get up and get ready, because Nancy was going to be here in 35 minutes so we could drive to the airport....... but what's the point? I don't want to go meet Scooter and Justin, and his whole family......... lets just get it straight I don't like anything about the Bieber's.



My phone started to buzz. It was Clair......... oh shit she doesn't know about any of this.... Bieber shit!



Clair bear slut text-


hey, wht happened? why didn't u come 2 school?




umm..... u won't believe me.....


Clair bear slut-






my dad die..... :(


Clair bear slut-


omg, can i come over i'm so srry!!




thx! but this is the part u won't believe me....


Clair bear slut-






my god father is........... Justin Bieber


Clair bear slut-


lol... ya and Austin Mahone is under my bed!




no really.... I'm about 2 leave 2 go and meet him.




She didn't respond to me, but I kept sending her messages seeing if she was still there. But she never replied.


I looked back at the clock. It's now 7:50 and I have less time then I did before to get ready.


I got up and stretched, then cracked all me body parts...... that's usually how I start my day........... My dad would always do that and I thought it was the coolest thing ever, but at the same time it grossed me out.



I went into the bathroom and strip off my clothes and turned on the water. I undid my messy bun and hopped in the shower.


I love the feeling of the warm water hitting the back of my back. I shampooed and conditioned my hair then washed.




When I got out of the shower I realized that I didn't bring in a towel......... this is usually for me I never remember my towel, EVER, I always have to yell for my dad, but thus time I have to go and get one from the laundry room.



When I opened up the door the coldness hit me skin, but I'm used to it. Colorado can get pretty nasty cold sometimes. But I love it anyways.


When I got the towel I wrapped it around myself and went into my closet to get some clothes.



I grabbed a pair of skinny jeans, a white tank top and the put of a Pink sweatshirt. (the sweatshirt was bought from the store Pink so on the back of the sweet shirt it had the word "PINK" on it and it was the color pink) for shoes I put on some white high top convers.



When I dried off and put all my clothes on I went into the bathroom and dried my hair. It naturally was wavy and long and looked a little like Miley Cyrus's old hair. I put on some foundation and some mascara, to give me a more of a natural look. Then sprayed some of 1D's new perfume on, it smelled like flowers.



I walked out of my room and examined myself in the mirror. 



Izzy: I look good.



trust me I'm not trying to look good for Justin, its just that I feel like I want to feel pretty today. I looked back over at the clock, it's 8:10, Nancy should be here any minute.





Justin POV



When I woke up this morning I wasn't in my bed I was on my couch and the sound of the radio woke me up.


I stayed up worrying last nigh so I got like 4 hours of sleep. I looked at the time on my phone. My eye's widened when I saw the time. 10:30 am.



I only have an hour to get ready and make this house look presentable.



First I went around the house and clean up all the dirty clothes, soda cans, beer cans, and yes occasionally a condom I would find lying around. When I was almost finished I sprayed some ferbreze. 


Then I went into my room and took off all my clothes and took a quick shower. When I got out I grabbed some clothes and through them on, I didn't look bad it was what I usually wear.




Then I went into the bathroom and did my hair. By the time that everything was done I was exhausted and hungry.


I looked at the clock and it was now 11: 25 am.


Any moment my life will seriously be over. I don't know even why I hurried so much and even put the effort in cleaning my house out making my bed.



"ding, dong"



Then door bell rang, I walked down the stairs very slow............ I don't want to see what's on the other side of that door.



I opened the door.........






A/N: it's kinda a cliff hanger! you don't know if Justin will like Izzy or if he will think that Izzy is just another hater and brat?? Okay so what do you think? I need you guys to follow me on instagram!!!! BffsWithBieber


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