God daughter

Isabella Parker, (doesn't like to be called Bella) has a hard life. She only has one parent (her dad), has an average grade of a C and doesn't have any close friends. She's not bullied by one person, she's bullied by the whole school. What happens when the worst thing possible happens? What happens when her life totally switches gears. Will things work out or will crash and burn? Will she survive this change or will she run away? Read it to find out......... This IS a Justin Bieber fan fic!


18. David

Izzy's POV

Yeah I guess you could say I was really pissed that Justin got rid of the couch along with my diary and blade, but like I said before, it doesn't help to throw a temper tantrum. Plus, maybe it's good that I don't have something that I can hurt myself with.

Me and Justin just got done eating cereal. I know. Fancy. Actually Justin offered to take me somewhere, but I didn't want to. He understood.

"Movie?" Justin asked after he put the dishes in the wash.

"Sure" I shrugged and then began to walk into the living room. I sat on the couch and so did Justin.

"Can we just watch a little tv? I'm getting a little tired." I yawned.

"Sure." He put on ABC Family. I gasped when I saw what came on.... PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! That's one of my favourite tv shows.

Justin looked at me. "You don't like this show?" He asked.

"No, I love this show." I said reassuring him.

"Really?" He looked at me surprised. "Cause, uh, ilikeittoo." He mumbled really quick. I laughed. He looked at me.

"It's fine if you like it." I said with laughter In my voice.

"Great." He laughed. "Now you think I'm gay."

I looked at him for a second...."Yup!" I burst out laughing hit him. I put my hand on his thigh laughing really hard, not knowing I was making him awkwarded out.

He chuckled. "Haha," he sarcastically said. Then I felt him touch my hand and move it a little towards the other direction of his dick. I quickly moved my hand away.

"Sorry." I said and then yawned. Justin yawned too. We smiled.

I lied my head down and on the other end of the couch and then just put my feet on Justin's lap. I laughed at Justin as he looked down at my feet and then over at me.

"I need a place to put my feet." I giggled.

He smiled.

"Fine, only because I like it." I looked at him creeped out. "No, I don't mean I like it because it's on Jerry, I mean I like it-"

"Jerry?" I squinted my eyes. "Who's Jerry?" I asked really not knowing the answer.

Justin blinked his eyes. "Well, um..." He began. "It's my penis."

I put my hands over my ears and moved my feet. "Noooo, why did you say that word?!" I screamed.

"Well you asked.... And that's why my Beliebers call him Jerry."

"Stop saying 'him' like its a person." I got annoyed a little.

Justin just smiled. "It wasn't my Choice."

"Eww." I turned my direction back on the tv.


We watched like 2 episodes of PPL (pretty little liars) before I drifted to sleep. I know I shouldn't fall asleep now, I should fall asleep in my bed, but I'm too tired to move.


"Isabella, time to get up." I heard Justin say. I opened my eyes, I'm in my bed. Huh? Justin must've brought me up last night. He's strong.

Justin turned on the light. I flinched and pulled the covers over my face.

"No!" I whined.

"Yes!" I heard Justin fakely whine back.

He pulled the covers off of me. I'm still wearing what I wore yesterday. He pulled me out of the bed.

"Come on." He said. I moaned.

"No." He let go off me and I dramatically fell back on the bed.

"25 minutes." He said while walking away.

I began to think about school and I frowned. But then I remembered about Drew. I smiled again. Then I remembered about Michael and I jumped up.

Mama needs a shower.

I ran into the bathroom and there was a towel sitting there for me. Justin.

I turned on the shower and waited till the water was just right I stepped in and let my body refresh. I washed my hair and shaved my legs. Then I got out, 5 minutes, that's a record. I wrapped the towel around my body. I did my make up and brushed my hair. I let it air dry while I walked to my room to get dressed.


A mint green and white stripped sweater, black leggings and a pair of black toms.

My hair is sorta dry so I'm going to brush it through again. I then put it in my usual messy bun. I looked at myself in the mirror and took a long hard stair. I sighed.

I ran down the stairs to find that Justin wasn't down there. I grunted, then looked at the clock. 6:45 we have to leave in like 5 minutes. I ran back up the stairs and to Justin's room. I knocked. He didn't answer. I grunted once again.

"God." I whispered to myself. I stood there for a second and then opened the door, the bathroom light was on and the door was closed. I walked in. He had a really big room. King size bed, flat screen tv. I could get used to this if I were him.

There were a few pictures on his tv stand. I walked over there to look at the pictures. There was one of Justin when he was just a baby with his mom and his dad. One had Justin when he was a toddler and he was in a day care, Justin was sitting behind a little girl sniffing her hair. I laughed at how cute he used to be.

Then I could hear a door open from behind. I turned around. Justin walked out with a towel around his waist and his perfect cut six-pack was showing just above.

"Oh, shit sorry." I said and turned back around.

"Oh, I see how it is. Your trying to get me back from when I walked in on you." He chuckled. "But I got lucky."

I don't know how he meant that, like he got lucky that I didn't see 'Jerry'? Or that he got lucky that he saw me naked.

"School starts in 10 minutes." I said changing the subject.

"Oh, since when do you care about school?" He asked walking forward.

"I don't really. I just don't want to be late on the 2nd day." I said about to walk out of his room to go wait in the car.

"Wait." Justin said. I turned around. "What were you looking at?"

"The pictures." I said. He picked up the one where he was sniffing the girls hair and laughed under his breath.

"I was a player." He smiled. I smiled and then turned around to walk back out.

"Hey, your going to be like a few minutes late, okay." Justin said. I sighed, I know that people at school will notice and I don't want to cause a disruption.

"Fine." I said and then kept walking out. I walked down the stairs and to the kitchen. I grabbed a banana and had that for my breakfast. I looked at the clock again. It read 6:59. Yeah I'm going to be late.

I heard foot steps coming down the stairs quickly, Justin came around the corner with sagged red pants, black t-shirt, black high tops and a black hat that said 'DOPE' on it with white lettering. He gets dressed fast.

"Let's go." We walked out to his car and he drove me to school.

"Have a good day." He said, I nodded my head trying to take his advice, then I shut the door. I turned around and looked at 'my school', full of snobs and rich people. But I have to admit, there are some cute guys here. I began to walk fastly to the school entrance.

I ran down to my locker and got my stuff. Then ran to first hour.

I opened the door to my English room.

"The quote was-" they all paused and looked at me.

"Late again?" Mrs. Tomas said.

I walked to the back of the room and to the same seat that I sat in yesterday. Everyone stared at me. Then Mrs. Tomas kept going with the lesson she was teaching.

I put my fist under my chin and just stared off into the distance. When will this class be over.

"Hey, yo. Isabella." I heard someone say from behind. I turned my head it was the girl from yesterday, Cassidy.

"Hi." I whispered back.

"Why do you hang out with Michael and all of his friends?" She asked. I shrugged my shoulders.

"I donknow? Why do you care?" I whispered, wondering why she keeps asking me the same question over and over.

"Like I said yesterday, stay away from him and all of his friends." She said and turned back in her seat. Why won't she give me more information than just stay away from them?

I sighed and rolled my eyes.


Class is over and started to head to my next hour. People were looking at me funny again, but this time no one insulted me.

"Bella." I heard someone whisper before they wrapped their arms around my waist. I elbowed them in the stomach and people in the halls gasped. I turned around to see who touched me and call me the annoying name 'Bella'. It was a familiar brown haired boy.....David? Why would he bother me? I mean just because I sat with him yesterday at lunch doesn't mean we're friends.

"What the fuck?" He grunted while bending over grabbing his stomach.

I turned around and began walking away so I wouldn't grab anymore attention.

"Wait! Isabella!" I heard David yell. I kept walking. Then he grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.

I looked into his, well, gentle dark green eyes.

"Please let go of me." I pleaded. He let go.

"I'm going the same way so we can walk together." He said pointing to where I was going.

I sighed "okay." We started walking and people were still looking at me.

"So how's Bieber?" He said out of no where.

I looked at him and he was just looking forward.

"Fine." I said quietly.

"You guys fuck each other?" He asked laughing a little.

I wanted to throw up when he said that. The thought of seeing Justin's dick, that is probably small, sound gross. And I bet I'd get aids.

"Eww, no." I said scrunching my nose.

Then before I knew it I was tripped and on the floor. I could hear people laughing under their breath as they walked by.

There was a sharp pain in my elbow. I grunted.

"Hey! You dick! You don't do that!" I could hear David yell. I looked over and it was David yelling at some kid, that I'm guessing tripped me.

David came over and picked me up.

"I dealed with him." He said as he picked me up. I looked back and the kid was holding onto his eye. Did he punch him? Why would would he punch him, I'm fine?

He walked me to my next class. He started to walk away.

"Thanks." I yelled to him and he turned around.

"Anytime." He gave me the thumbs up and turned around to start walking to his next class that he will probably be late to.

I blushed. 3 out of 5 of those boys have flirted with me. They have to be some of the cutest guys in school. But why would they really care about me? I've done nothing to show that I like them.


The hours went by quick and it was already lunch time. I don't plan on sitting with the 'boys', but we'll see what happens.

A/N: heyyyy baeeeeees, so u guys should keep reading, shit is going to go down in the next chapter. Love u boo's 😘😘

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