God daughter

Isabella Parker, (doesn't like to be called Bella) has a hard life. She only has one parent (her dad), has an average grade of a C and doesn't have any close friends. She's not bullied by one person, she's bullied by the whole school. What happens when the worst thing possible happens? What happens when her life totally switches gears. Will things work out or will crash and burn? Will she survive this change or will she run away? Read it to find out......... This IS a Justin Bieber fan fic!


9. awkward...

Justin's POV


Isabella had gone upstairs and now she is taking a shower. I'm going to wait for her to eat the doughnuts with me.


So I sat on the couch. And turned on the tv to ABC Family. There's nothing really on, it's just the end of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".



I'm sitting here watching TV when all of the sudden I hear Isabella.



"JUSTIN!" I heard her shout from up stairs. she didn't sound like she was in pain or anything.


"YA?!" I yelled back at her.


"CAN YOU COME HERE FOR A SECOND?!" She yelled at me.


What could she need from me? So I got up and went op the stairs. The fist place that I looked was in her room, but she wasn't in there.


All the other doors were open and Isabella isn't in any of them. But there was one door that was closed and the lights were on.........the bathroom.


I walked up to the door and knock on it.



"Are you in hear?" I asked, hoping I'm not talking to myself.


"Uh, ya. Can you go and get me a towel?" She asked a little embarrassed.



I chuckled to myself.


"Ok." I said and walked away to go get a towel from the laundry room.


Then I came back to the bathroom but this time I just opened it without warning Isabella.


When I opened the door and half way walked in, the shower curtains were half way open and Isabella's body was showing half way. When she looked up she squealed and pulled the curtain back, so that I couldn't see her.


"Fuck!" she began to say. "Haven't you ever heard of knocking?"


"Yes." I said back to her.


*Isabella sighed* "Just put the towel on the ground, I'll get it." she said.



I walked over and set the towel close to the shower on he ground. Then I walked out of the bathroom.


Did that really just happen?........she has a fine ass body. I mean I've never seen curves like that. It makes Jerry happy thinking about it..........what the fuck am I saying? God daughter, god daughter, god daughter. She's your god daughter.




I need to get laid......






Izzy's POV











I mean why him? There is soooo many other guys that could have seen my body, but he beat everyone to it. I'm a virgin, and I really don't want to loose my virginity any time soon. But with a horny motherfucker, like Justin, in this house, who knows what will happen.



I grabbed the towel that Justin got for me and wrapped it around my body. I walked back to my room. and picked out a outfit that was pretty much my usually: oversize varsity hoody with some black leggings.


I went back into the bathroom and blow dried my hair, I put it in a messy bun on top of my head. I didn't  put any make up on because I don't want to make you know who, think I'm trying to impress him.



Then I walked down the steps and jumped from the 5th step. Then I walked into the kitchen.





Justin's POV



When Isabella walked into the kitchen she had a messy bun and everything, and she had no makeup. I can tell that she's trying not get me and Jerry's attention, but she must not know that my weak spot is messy buns on girls.



I opened up the box of doughnuts and took a chocolate covered one. My favorite. I looked back over at Isabella who was standing there hopelessly.


"You can get one." I said to her. She looked up at me like I said something terrible.


"I know." she said with an attitude.


I put my hands up in surrender and laughed a little. "Okay, okay."


I could see her smile a little then bit her lip....... god damn it...... that was cute.



She took a plain glazed doughnut and went over to the table.



"Do you want orange juice?" I asked opening up the fridge.



She nodded her head slightly.


I pulled out the orange juice and two glasses. I poured her a glass then myself.



"Thanks." she quietly said as I handed her the glass.


"Welcome." I said and I sat next to her.



When I sat down she quickly brought her knees to her chest. I can tell that she is still awarded out about what happen. I'm not, its not like I haven't seen boobs before, but I have never seen curves like hers before.



We silently ate our doughnut's when there was a knock on the door.



"I'll get it." I said as I got up and walked over to the door.





* * *



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