God daughter

Isabella Parker, (doesn't like to be called Bella) has a hard life. She only has one parent (her dad), has an average grade of a C and doesn't have any close friends. She's not bullied by one person, she's bullied by the whole school. What happens when the worst thing possible happens? What happens when her life totally switches gears. Will things work out or will crash and burn? Will she survive this change or will she run away? Read it to find out......... This IS a Justin Bieber fan fic!


5. awkward silence

Izzy's POV


Nancy: oh there his is.


I looked over at Nancy who was pointing at Scooter. We just got off the plane, and we are now in Cali.


I'm sweating all over and I can't help it. It's either the airport is really hot or I'm nervous. I looked down at what I was wearing, (sweatshirt skinny jeans). Ya it's really hot her........ and I hate it! I set down my bag to take off my sweatshirt, but Nancy pulled my arm for us to walk over to Scooter.



We walked over to Scooter, he had a confused look on his face. But it turned into a smile.


Scooter: hi! you must be........ Isabella.

Izzy: hi.

Nancy: hello, nice to meet you I'm Nancy.


She stuck out her hand and Scooter shook it.


Scooter: well should we go?




Nancy: sure.


We walked out of the airport and the air was so hot thick, it felt like I was in a sauna. Gross.


We got in Scooters car. Nancy sat in the front and I sat in the back. Scooter started the car and looked back at me.


Scooter: Justin's really excited to see you.


I rolled my eye's. I know he's lying, that dick doesn't care if I show up or not.


I looked down at my phone. It's 11:00 am. I'm ready to die!


* * *


I rested my eye's for 30 minutes till I was shaken to wake up.


Nancy: we're here.


I looked out the door and at Justin's house. DDDDDAAAAAMMMNNN! That's a bad ass house.


I got out of the car and walked next to Nancy up to the front door. Scooter was a few steps ahead of us.


Izzy: wait? where's my stuff!!

Nancy: uhh..... you were supposed to have it.


Lets see, I set down my bag at the airport when I was going to take off my sweat shirt, but then Nancy pulled me away and I totally forgot about the bag. Shit!


Izzy: I left it at the airport.


By the time I said that Scooter had already rang the door bell.


We stood there for like a minute so I decided to take off my sweatshirt. When it was half way over my head head the door opened.......... awkward.



Justin's POV


When I opened up the door I saw Scooter, a mid aged lady and...... a girl taking off her sweatshirt.


She quickly pulled it over her head.


Lady: Hello, I'm Nancy! I'm just going to inspect your house and see if its in living condition for Isabella.



She motioned her hand towards the girl...... That's Isabella? I thought she had to be younger than that?  She's nothing that I thought she would look like.




I was wrong about a few things. She's not fat, she's not tall, she's not young, and she's pretty, but she has a weird sort of ugliness to her. Her body is perfectly shaped, and her breast are a perfect size for her shape, not to big and not to small.


Justin: hello.


I stuck my hand out and shook Nancy's hand and then stuck my hand out to shake Isabella's hand.


Isabella: Ugh!


She rolled her eye's and walked the opposite direction of my house. She's in a pissy mood and if she keeps this up then I'm definitely not letting her stay in my house.


Nancy: sorry....... Isabella!


Nancy ran after her.


I looked over at Scooter.



Scooter: I know what your thinking-

Justin: What, that she is a total brat, and she is nothing that we discussed?

Scooter: well, ya. She's 17 and you only have to be her legal guardian until she's 18.

Justin: so then what happened to her after that?

Scooter: she's gone. You never have to see her face again.

Justin: never?

Scooter: yep.



Sounds easy all I have to do is wait till her birthday and then I can kick her out.



Scooter: sound good?

Justin: ya, that sounds....... fine.






Izzy's POV



Izzy: Ugh!



I stormed to the car.



Nancy: Isabella!..... Isabella!


I stopped and sat on the curb. I just ignored Nancy.



Nancy: Is-a-bellaaaa.......



She was out of breath. I mentally laughed at how out of shape she is.



Nancy: Isabella?


I turned my head the other way and ignored her even more.



Nancy: Hello?........... are you really going to make me sit on this, nasty curb?



I ignored her.


Nancy: really?!



Nancy: fine!



I could feel her sit on the curb next to me.



Nancy: listen, Justin's house my not even be safe enough for you to live in-

Izzy: really!? you think that house isn't safe?! It has like 4 different security systems.



We sat there in silence.



Nancy: Well then, why did you walk away from Justin?

Izzy: you didn't see?

Nancy: see what?



I rolled my eye's, how could she not have seen what just happened.



Izzy: he was clearly looking at my body.

Nancy: oh honey, he just was seeing what you look like. I don't think he would ever-

Izzy: did, you see his eyes when they looked at my boobs?!

Nancy: Well I'll tell you one thing, if he touches you in any sexual way then you will automatically get a new family to live with.



I looked down at the rode.



Nancy: do you feel like he's going to touch you?



I shrugged.


I have problems trusting people. When I was younger my uncle would touch me in place's and.......... I just can't explain it.



Nancy: come on.



Nancy got up from the curb and put her hand down for me to grab. I grabbed her hand, and we walked back up to the front door, where Scooter and Justin were. They were clearly talking about me, because Justin told Scooter to "shh"  whenever me and Nancy were walking close to them.



Scooter: great, your back shall we go in?

Nancy: yes.



I went in then Scooter, I turned around and saw Nancy close to Justin's face. I could just barely here what she was saying to him.



Nancy: don't touch her.



Justin nodded his head. He didn't look threatened. but I think he got the point not to touch me in a sexual way.



When I turned to see Justin's house from the inside, I was in awe. It's in beautiful living condition and its huge.


I heard Justin close the door.



Justin's POV


When Nancy told me "don't touch her" I wasn't really threatened. I wouldn't touch her even if my life depended on it. All I want is for her to turn 18 and then she can leave me alone.



Scooter: Justin why don't you give them a tour of your house?

Justin: *sigh*


I started to walk down the stairs to the basement and I could hear foot steps close behind. I lead them into the movie room, that had a real movie screen. (but its not that big)


Justin: this is where I watch movies.

I have no exasperation to my voice.


I looked over at Isabella she rolled her eye's and then I looked at Nancy who was walking around and inspecting my basement.




* * *



I showed them the rest of my house and then I went back into the living room, where we started.



Nancy: Okay, well, one more question......... where is Isabella's room?



Shit, I didn't even think about that.



Justin: Uh? Well in the guest bedroom.


I scratched the back of my head.


Nancy: which one? to be exact?

Justin: Well, I still need to get some covers and pillows and-

Isabella: You don't even have a room ready?!!



That was really the first time that she's ever talk to me and it took me by surprise.



Justin: well....um....no?

Isabella: ugh.........this is never going to work!

Justin: ya! you know she's right! this IS never going to work!



I have to agree with her on that, I'm never going to get along with a person who obviously doesn't like me.


Nancy: you know what!? you two are going to have to deal with it!

Isabella: Don't you see?! I'm never going to survive here with..... him.



ok that hurt.



Justin: ya! and if she hates me so much then I'm never going to like her!!

Scooter: you know what Justin! just STOP!



The room was silenced. I looked at Scooter and then at Nancy.


Nancy walked over to Isabella.


Nancy: listen, I'll be back here tomorrow with your stuff and I'll check in on you.

Isabella: But what about my pj's for tonight?

Nancy: I'm sure that you can find something.



Isabella crossed her arms and rolled her eye's.



Nancy: okay?




Isabella: fine...

Nancy: Great, uh I'll be in the car.



She looked at Scooter and then went out the door.


Scooter walked up to me.


Scooter: Justin, just be nice okay?

Justin: ya, ya, ok.



I watch Scooter walk out of the house, leaving me and Isabella in awkward silence.






A/N: Ok! what do you think? Will Isabella and Justin make friends? or will they Just remain people they don't want to be around? Please comment I love reading them, favorite, like and fan me please!!


love you!! <3




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