eye of the tiger

when Indian girl Indonesia becomes friends with a full grown tiger, she has an epic adventure running away from a team of expert tiger hunters to save her friends life


4. hurt

"Indi, Indi, wake up" i hear indiannas voice call to me, but my eyelids are too heavy to open, instead i moan and turn slightly, the pain in my chest stops me

"what happened" i ask, holding the place where it hurts most

"a python nearly killed you, we chased two off and killed the one that attacked you" he says, i open my eyelids to see him with a fresh cut on the bottom of his neck, or three

"did Yuma hit you" i ask reaching my hand to touch it

"yeah, but it was an accident, he was going for a snake when i jumped in front of him, he was about to attack you too if he didn't get me instead, but he is unharmed" hearing that my friend is safe i let out a sigh of relief and drop my arm

"ok, are the others safe" i ask, afraid i got someone killed with my stupid actions

"Lucifer got a bad bite and broken arm but that's it, he stood still and let the thing break his arm" he says, i laugh

"he deserves it, did Yuma go after him at all" i ask

"once, right after he tried to help bring you here, but why" i laugh

"because i don't like Lucifer, he is a pervert, and he creeps me out and Yuma can sense it, he protects me from people i hate" he laughs

"so luc cant even get close to you without you controlling  Yuma" he asks still laughing, i nod

"yep" i say and sit up, but indianna puts a hand on my shoulder

"lay back down, we are waiting for our doctor, or my father to come see whats wrong with you" he says

"no, i need to sit up, im pretty sure its just a broken rib" i say, but indianna gives me a 'i will lay you down for yo if you don't lay down now' i lay down and a man walks in

"father, she.."

"leave" his father interrupts him, he gets up and walks out without hesitation, the man feels around my ribs, i nearly scream when he examines the rib, he goes on to my head, but my ribs are the only thing hurting

"you will be fine in about three weeks, which village did you come from young one" i don't like being called 'young one', it makes me feel weak and useless

"north, close to the mountain" i answer

"strong people, why did you runaway, they have everything for you there" he says

"the chief kicked me out because i was in charge for caring for his son and i failed him" i answer, he puts some kind of herb on my ribs, over the skin of course, they mixed it up with water and something else kind of gooey, i try not to think about it

"interesting, sounds like one of our own many years ago, he disobeys the chief and went north, to your village i presume, he looks a lot like you" he says

"what was his name" i ask, suddenly thinking of my father

"Richard, it was a very original name, but he was proud of it" my heart starts pounding, he was talking of my father

"Richard was my father, he died when i was little by a tiger, along with my mother, since thn i have never fit in with our people, i lived in a makeshift tent for years, and then i had to leave" i say

"interesting, well, welcome home, this is where you belong" he says

"thanks, but im not staying" i say

"what do you mean, you are leaving" he asks

"when i can, im getting as far away from my home village as possible" i say sitting up more

"ok, well i will wish you good luck when you depart" he says and walks out, indianna walks back in

"you ok" he asks, i nod, he puts a hand on mine on the edge of the bed, it is warm and comforting, i look up at him

"i want to know, no lies, are you okay" he says coming closer, he scoots his chair inches closer to my torso, his other hand goes on my upper thigh, which is strange

"im fine" i lie, inside i am a total wreck for my brother and will, i need to tell him the truth, but what will the chief say

"no your not, i can see it in your eyes, you are hurt, and you want something so bad you are willing to risk your own life to get it" how can he see it

"how do you know" i ask looking directly in his beautiful eyes

"my mother was a fortune teller, i got some of her talent, she could see exactly what someone wanted or needed, i can not see the details of it, but i know what is wrong" my heart stops, i love him more and more by the second

"wow, i don't have anything special about me" i look away

"yes you do, you are courageous, strong, encouraging" he says, that second word, reminds me of what my father called me one time, i am strong, but not the other two, i am stupid, selfish, an idiot, so yeah, i am not special in any way

"no im not" i raise my voice, "im stupid selfish, and an idiot, cant you see that, i am not special, that's one of the reasons i ran away, i was planning to for months, but i finally had a reason to leave, i failed to do one little thing, to keep the chiefs son safe and well fed, and i almost got him killed" i yell, hurt floods his eyes, he looks away

"im sorry" i say as he gets up, "i shouldn't have yelled" a tear rolls down his cheek, i feel horrible

"its ok, im going to talk to ronny" he says and walks out, sniffling and wiping his eyes, and now i am all alone, if im going to leave i need to now, before something else goes wrong

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