eye of the tiger

when Indian girl Indonesia becomes friends with a full grown tiger, she has an epic adventure running away from a team of expert tiger hunters to save her friends life


2. friend

...the tiger that had chased me earlier, right outside this very tent, my heart starts to pound, will it kill will, my brother, the whole village

"whats wrong" will asks and looks at the tiger

"oh..." i cover his mouth and backs into me, his hands go to mine, holding it, he is panicking

"calm down, i got this" i whisper in his ear, i pull the knife from my belt loop and walk out of the tent, around to the tiger, but when i look in its eyes, its calm, curious, it walks up and brushes up against my side, and... is... purring

"Indi, get out of there" will says just above a whisper

"hold on" i put my hand up to him, he steps out of the small gap in the tent walls and slowly over to me, the tiger turns its attention to will and growls

"will, stop right there" i say, he freezes instantly, i step lightly between him and the tiger, the tiger calms down a bit and sits down right in front of me

"what is it doing" will asks, right behind me now

"i don't know", i look at him, his hazel green eyes frightened

lets get out of here and tell my father" he tries to pull me back, but i stand my ground

"no, it looks like it wants something, like a friend" i say, he grabs my arm and pulls me away with all his strength, and he drags me to the fire

"William, what are you doing" the chief looks at him with confusion, then me with anger

"don't worry about me father, there was a tiger, but it didn't attack us, well her, she calmed it down, it curled p at her feet" will says, twenty or so eyes are on me, i hate attention, but the two yes that caught mine instantly were my brothers, he gets up

"wait, where are you going" i say as he walks past us, bow and arrow drawn

"to check out this tiger" he says, i try to run after him but will hold me back, i struggle, but he wraps his arms around me and pulls me away, i hear a scream that sounds like my brother in pain, i break away from will in tears and run to my brothers side, he is badly injured

"no Eli" i cry at his side

"Indi" will says running over to me, Eli is badly hurt in the legs, and the tiger is no where to be seen, i try to pull Eli over to his tent, but i fall, two other men take him, will hugs me and helps me to my feet

"no Eli" i scream as will pulls me away, tears streaming down my face, he takes me to his tent and holds me tight while i cry

"he will be ok" he says

i let out a small cry, "its all my fault" i sob into his shoulder

"no its not, it is not your fault" he strokes my hair

"yes it is, if i would have just killed the tiger when it was right next to me he wouldn't be hurt" i say and the chief walks in to us

"William, you need to be in bed, and you" he grabs my arm, "how dare you let my son out there when he is sick" he throws me out of the tent, i land close to the fire, i hear will arguing with his father, i cry there until the chief comes out of the tent twards me

"sorry sir, i didn't know he followed me until we were already close to the tiger" i say respectfully at my feet

"pa, stop it, it was my fault, i followed her, don't hurt her" will tries to pull his father back

"she could have gotten you hurt or killed" the chief looks at his son

"she saved me, she stepped in front of me when the tiger started charging" will says

"still, you don't know if she would run" they are talking like i am not in front of them and i don't like it

"she wouldn't, i trust her" he says, and that word, 'trust', why does he trust me, im an outcast, a reject, how can someone like him trust me

"how can you trust her" the chief yells

"because i love her, she cared for me more than you did, she was by my side, got me food, and helped me" everyone goes silent, he loves me, my legs become weak, but i remain standing

"who could ever love her" the chief gestures to me, hurt fills my body, my heart aches

"i could because she is caring and strong, she is beautiful and smart" will walks over to me and puts an arm around my shoulders

"get away from her, she is the lowest in our village, you are the heir to my position, you cant ever be with her even if i would want you to, and i don't" the chief pulls will away from me and puts a hand on my throat

pa no" will says on the ground

"i want you out of here as soon as possible, if you aren't out by sunrise you will die horribly" the chief lifts me off of the ground, i grab at his hand to loosen the grip, i nod

"pa stop, you're killing her" will pulls at his father, the chief drops me and im caught by will, he sits on a log with me on his lap

"i don't want you to go" he says, tears forming in his eyes

"i have to, ill be fine, im strong and smart" i say looking at his face, he is staring at the fire

"and beautiful, i know you, or no one else may see it, but i do, i see who you can be inside if you were given the chance" he says and looks into my eyes

"thanks will, but i have to go" i say and get up, he holds my hand up to his cheek

"i love you" he says, i smile

"i love you too" i say starting to cry again

"you do, really" will stands up and takes my other hand

"yeah" i smile, he leans in so our foreheads are touching, it starts to rain and the fire goes out, we are illuminated by the light of the moon, his face glows

will leans in farther and his lips touch mine, they are warm, his arms go around my waist, i wrap mine around his neck and embrace him more, we pull away so our foreheads are touching again

"i will find you someday" he says, i smile

"i know you will, i wish you could come along, but your place is here" i say and pull away

"but yours is too" he says walking over to me again

"no its not, no one likes me, the only people who really care about me are you and my brother, and he is hurt badly" i say quietly

"yeah but that can change, once they see the real caring you" will says taking my left hand as i try to walk away

"no, it cant, once people see a fake you, or a shy you, it wont change when the real, not shy you comes out, it will make them think that the real you is the fake" i say

"i can make it happen to where we can be together, but please stay" he says

"no, im sorry, i am, but it will be better for both of us William, and we both know it, we are a distraction to each other" i say and run to my fort and grab all of my things, will catches me and tosses all of my things so he can hold me in his arms

"let go now i say, i struggle, but he is too strong, and my legs give from under me, he sits down and hold me there, legs around my legs, and his arms around my arms

"will just let me go" i say

"love is never meant to be separated" he says, and i know what i have to do

"but i don't love you, i just didn't want to hurt your feelings" i say, he stops everything, i feel him get up, i hear him sniffle and see him walk away, my heart hurts so bad right now i cant even explain it, my dream guy gone, but i had to do it, i finish gathering my things, when im about to leave will comes back out to me with a small package

"food for your journey, and something for good luck" i take it and he walks away, i quickly put it in my bag and walk into the dark forest, about ten minutes into my walk the tiger comes up to me, it does not look mad, it simply walks beside me, i put a hand on its head, and i have a feeling it is a boy, just the way it acts and walks, the back of the tiger goes up o my ribs, the head to my shoulder, this particular animal is powerful, i can feel the muscles in its neck and back, i remember this one name i heard, Yuma, i think it stands for chiefs son, that would be a good name for will

"Yuma, you like that" i say and scratch behind his ears, he nods

"good, so how long will you be with me" i ask, he stops, he writes in the mud 'forever'

"wow, or until you die" i say as we keep walking, he nods, this is awesome, i have a friend that will stay with me til the end

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