eye of the tiger

when Indian girl Indonesia becomes friends with a full grown tiger, she has an epic adventure running away from a team of expert tiger hunters to save her friends life


5. follower

tonight i am leaving, after sundown, it is about an hour before i leave, i have been sitting up in bed thinking about Yuma, and the danger in the wild

"Indi" Lucifer's voice breaks my thoughts

"what" i say as he walks in

"um, i wanted to tell you something" i wait for him to continue, "your brother is here commanding to see you" he says and my heart stops, then Nathan walks in with my brother following, Nathan and Lucifer leave

"indi what the hell were you thinking leaving like that" he says, he is still bandaged

"did anyone come with you" i ask

"he chief and his son" he says, i feel like dying

"why did they come, Will hates me and so does the chief" i say

"no they don't, they came with me to bring you home" Eli grabs my hand, but i pull it away

"indi, stop thinking like that, you are needed at home" he says

"how" i snap and look at him good for the first time

he looks down, not sure how to answer, when i am about to say something else the chief walks in

"you are the most effective hunter we have" he says

"then why did you make me leave, you said be gone by sunrise, and i was, why are you wanting me to come back now, besides being a hunter" i yell, Will walks in and stands next to his father, he gasps when he sees me, and walks out

"because i want you home" my brother continues

"well maybe i don't wanna go home" i say

"indi, please, the village is suffering without you" the chief says

"oh, so now you appreciate my hunting skills, and not when you banished me, well, what is done is done, i am banished" i say and cross my arms to my chest

"we can fix that, together" my brother says putting a hand on my shoulder, i push it away

"no, im happy where i am, i have new friends, and my best friend Yuma" i say

"who is Yuma" the chief says

"the tiger that nearly killed your son, he trusts me, and i trust him, and if you don't leave i will command him to kill all of you" my brother looks shocked" i didn't want to do that, but i had to, i didn't want to go back, and if i did, Yuma would kill everyone

"fine, we will leave" my brother said getting up, tears streaming down his face, him and the chief leave, Will comes in

"what do you want" i say irritated he might try to convince me to come back too

"i don't know" he says, im confused, "i still love you, even after what you said to me, and i can understand that, i would have done the same" he says

"Will, i need to tell you something" i say, tears welling in my eyes

"what is it" he sits right next to me

"the reason i said what i said was to protect you, i didn't want you to follow me and get yourself killed, i made a stupid decision and nearly got myself killed, and put my new friends in danger" tears are streaming down my face now, he hugs me, i hug him back and cry into his shoulder

"even if you never come beck, and i never see you again, i want you to know that i will love you, and you only" i let out a cry

"thanks Will, that means a lot" i say and pull away,

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