eye of the tiger

when Indian girl Indonesia becomes friends with a full grown tiger, she has an epic adventure running away from a team of expert tiger hunters to save her friends life


3. broken

"what should we do with her and the tiger" i hear a medium male voice say, i open my eyes and sit up

"she's awake" another says, i look to the two of them, they are both a little older than me, both bark brown hair and deep green eyes, they look like twins, but their face shapes are different, one has a rounder face and a small nose, the other one has a strong jaw line and a straight nose

"where am i" i say rubbing my head, someone hit me, cause i feel a bump close to my hair line and it hurts

"our village, we found you in the middle of the forest early this morning, we brought you here" the one with the round face says

"ok, wait, where is the tiger" i say fully alert hoping they didn't kill it

"we tranquilized it, its locked up" the other one says

"where is he" i stand up and grab his arm

"you aren't going to see it are you" he asks trying to pull away from me, i just hold tighter

"ye, he is my friend" i scream

"calm down" he says getting away from my grip

"no, i wont until i see he is alright" i say, he walks out of the tent built into the tree, it is a cool design, i like it

"come" he says, the larger one follows behind me, really close to me, im starting t get uncomfortable round him, especially the way he looks at me, i think he likes me, he touches my butt, i slap his arm so hard it turns red immediately, he holds it to his chest and gets closer to me, and i accidently walk into the other guy in front of me

"is he bothering you" he asks, i nod frantically

"i am not" the other guy argues

"really, i see your arm is red" the other guy says, the fat one blushes

"he tried to grab my butt, it creeps me out"  say to the guy protecting me, he is about as tall as my brother, and thin, not skinny, he has muscle, the other guy is just FAT

"he does creep most people out, but he is my brother" he says, the fat one smiles so large i think he broke the record for biggest creepy smile, if there was one

"how do girls stand him" i ask keeping my eyes on him

"i don't know, he isn't usually this way around most girls in our village" the one i feel safe around says, then i feel even worse

"Yuma" i say and run to my tigers cage, he comes up to me, i hug him tight

"by the way" the fat guy stands right next to me leaning against the tiger cage, "my name is Lucifer, but you can call me luc(loose)

"sounds like a girl name" i say not looking at him

"i know, but i like it, there isn't another name like it" he says

"mine is, mine is Indiana, but everyone calls me Indi" i say, he steps closer to me, i back away, Yuma growls at luc, its really funny how he falls to the ground flapping his arms, i laugh and the other boy walks over

"what happened" he says pulling his brother to his feet

"he got close to me so Yuma growled at him, and he fell" i simply say and he laughs

"wow, oh, im ronny by the way" he says

"original" i say, he smiles and pets Yuma, he gladly lets him, nut growls when Lucifer comes close

"i know, but its my name" he says, i laugh slightly

"will he hurt anybody" Lucifer asks cautiously watching his brother pet the tiger

"only people he hates, or i dislike" i say and he crosses his arms with a terrible pouty face

"haha, get over it luc" ronny says laughing

"im just honest, i don't lie" i say, when i look up at ronny i see Will, i look away and push Will out of my mind

"can we let him out, introduce him to the village" ronny asks

"not everyone at once, maybe in small groups, but i just want a few people to meet him for now" i say

"ok, can i go get some of my friends" ronny asks

"sure, but no more than five" i say, he nods and jogs off

"so how did you get way out here" Lucifer asks

"i walked, with my tiger" i say, he nods

"im pretty important to our village" he says standing up straighter, he is my height, and broad as he is tall, which bothers me, where did he come from

"how" i ask amused

"i hunt" he says, i laugh

"im sorry, but most hunters aren't so large, sorry" i say

"its ok, i do have a had time, but i mainly fish, what about you" he says

"i fish, kill, cook, i take care of sick, wounded, close to the chiefs son, my brother is the chiefs first hand assistant" his mouth drops

"wow, but why did you run away" he asks

"because no one likes me and the chief kicked me out because i let his sick son be around him before he was nice" i say

"wow, again, that must be hard" he says and ronny returns with five friends, all boys, and all of them are hot

"is that your pet" one asks

"more like a friend, i don't put him on a leash" i say, they laugh

"so Indi, these are my friends, Isaac, indianna, Nathan, Michael, and Alan"

"hey" i say and smile, three of them stare at me like Lucifer did earlier, in that love kind of way, and the other two stare at the tiger, Michael walks up to the tiger

"can i" he asks and looks at me

"go ahead, slow" i say, he slowly puts his hand in and pets the tiger, he scratches behind the ears, then Alan, the two tat weren't staring at me start with the tiger

"ronny, lets bring him out, he seems pretty calm" i say, i walk with him around to the door, i lead Yuma to the others, i kneel down and watch, making sure Yuma doesn't tense up around certain people and when he does, to make sure they back away

"he is beautiful" Isaac says walking up next, he goes behind me

"don't ever walk behind him unless he knows you well enough" i say and pull him by his arm back around

"fine" he says sarcastically

"don't give me attitude, im stronger than i look trust me" i say, they laugh, i roll my eyes and Nathan walks up

"how old is he" Nathan asks stroking his back

"im not sure" i say, then Yuma writes the number seven in the dirt

"did he just do that" indianna says and walks over

"yep, he is smart" i say and smile, then feel eyes on me, i look up and everyone is staring behind me, i turn to see a huge python slithering up to us, i urge Yuma into the cage about five feet off of the ground and close the door, we run to a tent with multiple stories built into the tree above it, which i think is amazing, we go up to the top and look down, the snake is entering Yuma's cage, i start to head to the ladder but someone grabs me from behind

"let go i have to save him" i scream

"no, you will die" its indianna, the hottest one, and strongest, but not the tallest, he i so handsome, and his dark eyes captivate me whenever i look into them

"but i cant let Yuma die" i say, a tear rolling down my left cheek, his arms around my stomach, he holds me there easily

ronny grabs my shoulders and holds me "im sure he will be fine, he is smart, just like you said"

"yeah, but that thing is huge" i say and break away from both of them, i race down the ladder and jump off of the third story, thirty feet down, i land and run to Yuma, back in a corner growling at the snake

"Indi, look out" Nathan calls, i turn to see three more huge pythons headed straight for me, i turn to run, but something pierces my shin and trips me, then something powerful wraps around my body, the pain is terrible, i feel a sharp pain in my chest, then i blackout

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