A walk through time

A collection of my work


9. You are the one

I feel things for you that I had forgotten how to feel.
I think of you in ways only lovers think of lovers,
That seem all to real.
I imagine your skin streatched taunt over your bones,
Your eyes full of love……burdened and worn
I feel the blood inside me boil ,
the closer we become.
I want to know where you hide,
When theres no place left to run.
All of the secrets ……You lock away inside,
That keep your webs of mysterys.
hidden and confined.
The dreams that lurk in shadows,
Hidden from the light,
Nights that turn to days,
Passions you ignite,
I close my eyes and see a future,
Some where far beyond,
The childish insecurities ,
That test this ionic bond.
I see your fingers in my mind,
Tracing at my thoughts,
Bringing back to life,
A world that I’ve forgot.
If only for a moment……My soul you reawaken,
Black and White snap shots,
Of pictures yet to be taken.
I drift away to sleep , Intoxicated by your love,
My hands reaching on,
For something to grab hold of,
A hand, A friend,
To help pull me back up,
What if I never give in,
What if your the one.

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