A walk through time

A collection of my work


5. Who I am

Murky liquid that surrounds me ,
I can’t see ,
and I can’t breath,
Don’t you realize what I’m lacking ,
Is all that you’re taking from me .
Dreaming with my eyes open ,
Further down , and down I go ,
Till one day you won’t see me,
And I’ll no longer know ….
Who I am .

Pressure building and building,
Before long you know Ill break ,
But Like a side show attraction ,
It’s almost like you just can’t wait.
Feeding me lines to a memory ,
Hoping I won’t see ,
That what your minds eye is chasing ,
I can never be,
And almost like a flower I wither away ,
like petels green with envy ,
as I no longer see ….
Who I am .

Air escapes me ,
my body seems to fail ,
at all my atemps to regain this earthly hell ,
I’m at a loss for words ,
My tounge gets twisted and tied,
all the words I try so hard to say ,
Never come out right ,
The worlds weight feels heavy ,
and everything grows black ,
as in my mind I can no longer be,
Who I am .

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